Moving Beans Coffee - Sustainable Coffee Pods
Moving Beans Coffee - Sustainable Coffee Pods

This project has already launched.

Moving Beans started off as a small family business a while back. Through our experience, we saw the huge amount waste that comes from the millions of non-recyclable plastic and aluminium coffee pods being sold each year. We soon realized: we cannot continue enjoying our coffee like this!

Thus, a vision was born to create a completely biodegradable and compostable coffee pod (and eventually a whole range of coffee pods) that is compatible with the hugely popular Nespresso machines.

About Us and Our Idea

Moving Beans started off as a small family business in February 2017, but the idea came around over a year ago now. The vision was to create a completely biodegradable and compostable coffee pod (and eventually a whole range of coffee pods) that is compatible with the hugely popular Nespresso machines. With our pods, you can make your morning espresso, then throw the whole pod out with your food waste (or even straight into the flowerbed!) - no waste, no mess, no trouble! The whole thing will completely biodegrade within 2-3 months.

Put simply, we're aiming to achieve two key goals:

1) Make sure that people can enjoy a quick, convenient, and (most importantly) delicious cup of coffee from their Nespresso machine.

2) Make sure that these massively popular coffee pods do good for the environment, are sustainable, and don't cause excessive amounts of waste.

We've already established a relationship with a manufacturer that can make our products. Now we're looking for some money to start producing the first batch of our new line of products.

What we need money for

The biggest expense we'll have when launching this new product is from manufacturing the first batch. This will come to £25,000. Other big expenses we'll have will be for storage and fulfilment, and also advertising and marketing our new line of products.

Some background

Coffee pods are great - they're quick, clean, convenient, and consistently deliver a high quality cup of coffee. Unfortunately, they're also very wasteful. Currently, these products use enormous amounts of plastic and aluminium, most of which is not recycled and just sent to landfill. This wastefulness, combined with the fact that the sales of single use coffee pods and the machines used to make them have rapidly increased over the past few years, means that sustainability (or lack of) of these products is an increasingly pertinent issue. To illustrate this, over 300,000,000 of these pods are used in the UK alone every year, and most of them just end up in landfill.

The wastefulness  is what Moving Beans aims to solve. We'll be doing this by developing the first completely compostable coffee pods and then aggressively promoting our products to gain the largest market share we can possible get.

We know we might not be solving global warming and saving the world on our own (at least, not just yet). But this is a good start, and what we can do is set an example and start a movement. We hope that you'll join us!

Want to get involved?

If you're interested in our project and want to help us in other ways than making a pledge, then just send us a message and we'll then get in touch with you to talk more about how we can work together to make and deliver some great coffee!

We're particularly interested in people that can help with social media marketing, advertising, business development, branding, and CRM. But this list is not exhaustive, and if you think you can help in any other way we'd love to hear from you.

For more, visit us at

Risks and challenges

There is some competition in this space, but fortunately no direct competitors that are entering with the exact same USP.

Making fully compostable coffee pods comes with a big design challenge: the materials that have been used in similar products can be permeable to air, which means that the coffee can't be sealed completely and will go stale quickly.

Fortunately, one of our most important achievements is that we have overcome this challenge. We've found a material that can get a complete hermetic seal on the pod and keep the coffee fresh, and we've set up with a manufacturer that can make them for us.

Another challenge is making sure people will buy our products. If people don't buy our coffee, the risk is that our family business won't take off in the way we hope.

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