Movie Trailer Maker: Epic Voices
Movie Trailer Maker: Epic Voices

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Here are a few of the voices.


Trailer and Narration Maker

At some point or another you've probably wanted a great trailer voice or narration for your films and videos. However the cost of hiring a voice actor can be much to high, and the labor involved with finding a great voice is simply too great.

This is why I'm putting together a vast collection of trailer lines with some of the greatest trailer and narration voices out there. After rigorous casting I have found some of the greatest voices which will read hundreds of lines. Most of these lines have been split into subject and predicate in such a way that the beginning of one sentence can be attached to dozens of others resulting in thousands of combinations and endless possibilities. 


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Custom lines

Get - Directed by YOUR NAME HERE - lines and similar fill in the blank style lines

Or get fully custom lines.




  • Epic Trailer Voice
  • Dramatic Trailer Voice
  • Football announcer
  • Game show announcer 
  • Warm British narrator
  • Very matter of fact sounding British voice
  • News reporter Voice
  • and more...

Some of the Lines (See preview for full list)

When zombies attack
When your life
When your mother inlaw visits
When a boy
When a girl
When a person
When your life is turned upside down
When your untied bow tie has given you a relaxed demeanor
When aliens attack
When the moon is full
When your children
When an unstoppable force meets an immovable object
When the boogie man is under the bed
poke you with a stick
pokes you with a stick
kill your family
kills your family
doesn’t get along
point of no return
dies from death
dies with regrets
let’s a stranger in
take my revenge
nothing to eat
where taco monsters rule the planet
seek revenge
tell a dirty joke
fart quietly and hope no one notices
in a world
In a time
In a world without time
in a place far far away
in a land
in a world of fear
in an isolated land
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