Movie Panels
Movie Panels

A long time ago in galaxy far, far away...

Actually, not that long ago, on February 20, 2017 and not that far away, somewhere on the IMDb hosting servers, the largest movie discussion community was put to silence. Long story short: if you still feel the need to ask or comment something about a movie when you're checking its IMDb web page, you're on the right place. ;) We're bringing the message boards back to life, and not as some patched up Frankenstein monster, but in a better form, as... 

Movie Panels

What you're looking at is the proof of concept for a smart platform dedicated to movie lovers for sharing their views and insights on cinema related topics. If you're new to this, think on the best place you can discuss the movie you've just watched. If you already were posting on the former IMDb message boards, we will keep the format you're used to, with some smart enhancements. Several of which you can check out in the sample below... 

Some things you can already see here... 

  • Custom filters provide advanced options for selecting displayed messages.
  • A post rating is computed taking in account likes, dislikes and other relevant parameters.
  • Displayed messages can be preferentially smartly ordered using rating or other criteria instead of posting time.
  • Negative ratings automatically hide trash messages (these can be, however, displayed if the user really wants to).
  • Multiple tags can be added to messages, and used to search for specific comments.
  • New message threads can be spawned from an existing thread and marked specifically as following (this can be used to better separate topics and hide side discussions).
  • Users will have the possibility to embed media content in their posts.

And there is more...

Such as a surprise direct integration with IMDb entries ( and we really mean direct ;) ), integration with other social networks, advanced filters for foul language and much more.

Who are we and what should you do?

We're a small team of IT engineers and movie enthusiasts, who were really disappointed by the IMDb message boards demise and want it back. To make it happen in a better way as you see above involves some costs, so we'll soon launch a crowdfunding campaign.

If you would be interested in contributing or just to know how things are moving, leave us your e-mail. You can do this either here or directly on our domain: and we'll let you know when...

we're coming soon to Indiegogo! ;) 


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