MoveCharge Mod - Charge Your Phone on the Go
MoveCharge Mod - Charge Your Phone on the Go

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Every day in our busy schedule, we keep running around the office and the home with our phones. We take out our phones 1,000 times a day, every day, for checking emails, notifications, using applications, playing games, etc. We play motion sensor games with our phone.

What if all of these movements with the phone could be used to power up your phone? That’s what "MoveCharge" is all about.




Our Mission

  • Conserve energy
  • Promote physical movement

Not only do we aim to make technology environmentally friendly but to promote physical movement in individual’s as well. When your phone is running out of charge and you have a device that can charge it via physical movement, your first and foremost option would be to run or to jog with the "MoveCharge" in hand.


How MoveCharge Works

We are all aware of the law of conservation of energy which primarily states that “Energy can neither be created nor destroyed; rather, it is transformed from one state to another”. The product is designed on the basis of this law. MoveCharge works in such a way that when the phone is subjected to any movement, its kinetic energy (the energy of movement) is converted into electrical energy by electromagnetic induction, which is then stored in the battery inside the moto mod.


This stored energy is, therefore, used to recharge the phone when you run out of battery and can’t access the charger or if you just want to opt for an environmentally friendly option.



  • Battery: 900mAh Li-ion battery.
  • USB C port.
  • LED battery indicator.
  • Soft touch material.
  • 4 inductors which produce 400mA power.
  • Compatibility: Moto Z and other USB compatible devices.
  • Precise buttons and port cutouts.



We started our research in motion charging technology in 2015, and we had many iterations of MoveCharge. Later, we implemented our technology into the Moto Mod™, which is a great platform for a product like MoveCharge. And recently, we were selected for Motorola's "Transform the Smartphone Challenge". Here is an image of our initial prototype. 


Wide Compatibility

MoveCharge can also be used to charge other USB compatible devices. Just connect MoveCharge to any other devices using a USB cable, and it charges your favorite device.




The Impact

We are all constantly raving about the conservation of energy, about depleting energy sources and power crisis. Yet, nobody has found a perfect solution to this problem which can be workable through all hours of the day, from morning till evening. 

Statistics according to a report published by U.S. Department of Energy and the Environmental Protection Agency state that approximately $171 million could be saved for United States consumers each year if all homes included an Energy conservation furnace. Likewise, the country would experience a decrease in the emission of greenhouse gasses equal to that of emissions from 177,000 cars. Even more staggering, if all computers were conserving energy, an amazing 1.8 billion U.S. dollars could be saved each year, and the country would experience a decrease in the emission of greenhouse gasses equal to that from two million cars.

Now imagine, if the statistics are so staggering for computers, how shocking would the value be for the collective use of mobile phones on which we spend countless hours of the day and the charging of which is our utmost priority. Needless to say, Mobile chargers are energy vampires.

However, their use is certainly inevitable and unavoidable. There is, therefore, a dire need for an energy efficient system to charge mobile phones, a system which does not just conserve energy but is portable and compact as well. 

And with the use of modern technology and innovative minds, this need has certainly been fulfilled! We are proud to introduce to you a remarkable power source for your phones which doesn’t just conserves energy but is extremely practical as well.

‘MoveCharge’ is a device that will help charge your phone on the go. Modern times have made the use of smartphones essential as compared to feature phones. We all use smartphones and its power consumption via these is much higher as compared to that of feature phones. The problem is, though, that if we need a longer battery life, the overall size of the phone increases as larger sized batteries are required. Still, these big batteries do not last long enough, and this is where "MoveCharge" comes to life. "MoveCharge" can generate an unlimited amount of power from your daily activity.





How We Use Our Funds



Our Team

My name is Rineesh KR and we are a start-up company from Kochi, India. The name of our company is Technocrib Labs and being the CEO and founder of the company, I have always aspired to create an environmentally friendly technology that in no way compromises its purpose, i.e. to get work done efficiently and effectively.

We have a great team for designing and for software development that is focusing on new and innovative technology. Currently, we are working on this Motion Charging technology aka MoveCharge. We think the best way to implement our technology is into mod; which is going to revolutionize the whole industry.


What We Need

We have come to you, (Indiegogo), for help raising at least $5,000. This start-up capital will cover the costs of manufacturing, marketing, and distributing the initial run of MoveCharge. Our stretch goal of $50,000 will cover an expanded marketing campaign and future research and development for the MoveCharge successors and other world-class Technocrib Labs products.


Risks & Challenges

As with any start-up, there is some inherent risk. We have spent a great deal of time getting this product ready, however, and we are confident that what we have developed will be well-received by our target audience. On top of that, we are already in contact with reliable manufacturing and distribution partners, putting us on a straight path to a solid product launch.


Other Ways You Can Help

Beyond making a monetary contribution, you can help us by sharing our campaign with all your friends and family. Go ahead and post our URL on Facebook or Twitter: we want this to be a poorly-kept secret! The more people are aware of the MoveCharge, the smoother our launch will go.
We appreciate all contributions, monetary and otherwise, and we thank you for your time.

We believe that this technology holds the potential of being groundbreaking on every level with minimum drawbacks. And we believe that your funds can help ‘MoveCharge’ achieve this landmark. Please pitch in to make this prospect possible.
Thank you!

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