Juice It Raw
Juice It Raw

Our project is to open a juice bar that offers all natural products. You'll find on our menu fresh pressed juices, all-natural smoothies, acai fruit bowls and parfaits, gluten-free crepes and scrumptious dairy-free desserts. The concept is simple: offer delicious all-natural, gluten-free and dairy-free products.

The JUICE iT RAW Bar is not just a juice bar - it’s a way of life. It's a special place where you can grab a quick healthy all natural beverage without all the fluff that's made in factories. It's also a place for folks who want pure raw foods to rejuvenate and repair their body. Yes, we've listened to you, our customer: we know how difficult it is to find a convenient restaurant that offers food that is fresh and geared towards losing weight, lowering your cholesterol, and preventing chronic degenerative diseases. Basically, a healthy alternative to your typical fast food restaurant.


After we started this business, we started meeting people who were also struggling to improve their health and they weren't happy with the status quo. We've been touched by words of encouragement to educate people of the importance of eating raw foods; down-to-earth folks who wanted a healthier alternative. Something more than what you would find at the grocery store and definitely better than bottled juice. Something a little more pure and raw. Something that you could trust and taste was fresh and all natural. Yes, you can find most of the things we'd be selling but not in one place. That's our focus. That's our mission. That's the point!  



Since our launch on August of 2013 we've grown exponentially. We've gone from cleaning and peeling one box of apples a week to six boxes! Three pounds of carrots to almost 100 pounds! One farmers market to three. Zero wholesale accounts to three and now a national grocery store wants to stock our juices!

Bringing all our ingredients to the market to juice is very labor intensive. It's time for our own location where we can accept delivery of our raw ingredients instead of driving around town picking up our supplies. We want to make it cost effective and profitable, so we can keep serving our customers and continue to educate consumers on the benefits of eating raw foods. More importantly we will be open six days a week instead of a few hours over the weekend and we'll be able to spend more time teaching people how to juice and how to eat better.  We'll have a place where we can provide demonstrations and invite other subject matter experts to talk about nutrition, health, and diet.

We're already stocking refrigerators at other businesses with our top most popular juices. The demand is at a point that we have to have our own store -- a place we can call home and make deliveries from. At present volume, bringing all our raw ingredients to farmers markets and renting a commercial kitchen to make our juices is not cost effective. Its rather laborious and quite frankly, a pain in the rear! With your help we will be able raise the necessary funds to takeover an existing coffee shop and convert it into a juice bar. In addition to selling juices and all-natural smoothies, the store will sell Acai fruit bowls, cancer friendly meals, dairy-free desserts and gluten free superfoods. 


Last April, Angela, our co-founder was diagnosed with hypothyroidism and an enlargement of her right thyroid. Having a low level of thyroid hormone affects your whole body -- It can make you feel tired and weak. If hypothyroidism is not treated, it can raise your cholesterol levels and make you more likely to have a heart attack or stroke.   

After consulting with a specialist she was prescribed thyroid medication daily for the rest of her life. Unsatisfied with the prognosis, Angela set off to find a natural approach. Remembering her aunt's advice to treat migraines with a plant called Feverfew; she researched similar remedies and came across countless individuals who had overcome a host of diseases through juicing. These individuals had managed to reverse diabetes, lower their blood pressure and in some cases cured themselves of their illness just by juicing on a regular basis. The success stories were overwhelming and inspiring. Thus began our passion for juicing.  

At a follow-up visit, in July, her doctor could not locate her enlarged thyroid. The doctor was perplexed and was silent until Angela smiled and interrupted: "That's the power of juicing!" The rest is history. Well, more like the start of something great.


Our goal is to raise enough money to purchase equipment and furnishing to open shop. We will need to purchase a freezer, ice-maker, stainless steel counters, shelving and furniture. In addition we need to purchase a new sign that will go in front of the store that has our name. Instead of getting into debt or getting a loan we figured lets launch a Kickstarter campaign! With your help we will raise the necessary funds to help us open our doors and serve you six days a week. You'll have a place you can count on for raw, gluten free, dairy free and fructose free meals!

By helping us open our very first store, you will help us establish future stores near you. We have future plans to expand our concept throughout Houston and the U.S. Who knows... maybe someday we'll have a store near you. Yes, we like to dream big, but our ultimate goal is to help people have access to healthier foods. You can be part of that history by supporting our project.

If you'd like to help now, click the "Follow" button and share this with as many people you know. Spreading the news of our project will increase our chances of meeting our financial goal and we'll be closer to serving you refreshingly delicious juices.

Thank you for taking the time to check out this page and supporting our project. We look forward to serving you at our store.


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