Mous -  iPhone case that holds, unrolls & retracts Apple headphones
Mous - iPhone case that holds, unrolls & retracts Apple headphones


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Stop and think for a moment

  • Think about every time you've taken your headphones out of your pocket or handbag – and what appears is a tangled mess! And think about the time and energy wasted in untangingling them purely so you can listen to your beloved music, or to call a friend.
  • Think about that time when you've lost your earphones and been forced to travel to a shop and buy a new pair.
  • Think about the times you've left the house, reached to your pocket or bag to get out your headphones - but no, no headphones. You've left them at home again!
  • Maybe you're not an avid headphone user –  but imagine if you had headphones on you all of the time? Those long train journey or the 30 minutes before for the end of work with nothing else to do would be a thing of the past.
  • Or maybe you're tired of the cable being damaged, leading to your headphones being faulty…and eventually broken altogether! 

The Musicase takes on all of these frustrations in a unique, practical and stylish way.

Kickstarter Limited Edition 
Kickstarter Limited Edition

Musicase is the worlds smallest headphone storage case for your iPhone enabling you to hold, unroll and retract your headphones with ease.
• Say goodbye to untangling your headphones. 
• Wherever your iPhone goes your headphones go! – so you’ll never forget them or lose them again.
• No more damaging headphones in your pocket or bag.

Never use headphones?

Take up a new hobby...

• Listen to podcasts, audiobooks and music on the go – with the reassurance that you will never forget or lose your headphones!

So how does it work?

Who are we? 

We’re just two guys, two guys with big dreams, a love for music but dissatisfaction for tangled and lost headphones! After taking the scary plunge to quit our jobs, we now devote our full energy to Mous. After 25 prototypes, 670+ late nights and lots of apples (as of 1st November!), Musicase was born, the first of a long line of innovations for Mous.

Manufactured in the heart of the UK..

....Manchester ofcourse! We are proud that say that each and every case will be made in the UK. With our team of moulding professionals at Global Precision, each and every case will meet the Mous standard of quality. Furthermore, Josh has pledged to personally check each case himself - so feel assured by our two tier quality assurance process!

Why we need support

With the countless days of blood sweat and tears, we love the Mous brand and we love Musicase our first product. We have worked so hard to get everything into place and now need funding to produce our very first batch of Mous cases. Our iPhone 5/5s mould is already fully functional but our iPhone 6 case in a prototype form. Given the recent launch of the iPhone 6, we're now racing away to ensure we can transform our iPhone 6 case prototype into a mould ready to meet order requirements.  If we are successfully funded, we will be able to produce our very first batch of Mous cases exclusively for you, the Kickstarter community!  With delivery scheduled in time for Christmas, Mous will be the perfect christmas treat yourself..or your friends! 

The Stretch Goal...

If we successfully hit our stretch goal of £40,000, we will provide this same great case to all you iPhone 5c users! If we do fail to reach our stretch goal however - we will refund all purchases for iPhone 5c cases.

We are extremely grateful to anyone who chooses to back our campaign. We're simply 3 young entrepreneurs with big hopes and big dreams and for us, this is just the start! Expect constant content updates from us throughout the campaign as we aspire to be really engaging with you, the Kickstarter community in our 40 day trek!

Support Mous

- Our thunderclap -

Feel free to check out our Kickstarter preview link! Any feedback would be appreciated while we amend it! 

Thank you so much for taking the time to read our page, any support you give us, whether you eventually back our campaign or simply tell a friend is seriously appreciated! 

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