MORPHE Apparel - The World's First Modular Yoga Pant. 5-in-1 Yoga Wear.
MORPHE Apparel - The World's First Modular Yoga Pant. 5-in-1 Yoga Wear.

Wouldn't you LOVE yoga pants that are as flexible as you are?

Women everywhere rejoice! With these yoga pants, you will achieve those downward dogs, wheels or savasana with ease. Convenience is no longer a bonus when it comes to apparel: it's a value. It's something to which all major product lines need to aspire, and it's something that no major product line can do without. At MORPHE Apparel, we understand that. We are the producers of the world's first modular yoga pant

One Yoga Pant with Interchangeable Legs for Endless Ways To Wear.  

MORPHE means to transform. That is exactly what these yoga pants do. You can wear one pair as long pants, capris, shorts, knee compression or calf compression. Have two pairs? You will have 14+ different styles in just two garments! If you have more than 3 pair, you will have 100+ ways to wear. 

How does this work?

MORPHE yoga pant legs are designed be completely removable in sections. This gives you five different garments in one pair of MORPHE pants. You can remove certain sections to wear as shorts, capris or long pants. 

Now this is where the fun begins! If you have two or three pairs of MORPHE's, you can interchange the different sections to make completely different looks.  Mix and match different colors, patterns and lengths for a completely custom look. You have complete control over your style. 

Need to travel?

MORPHE yoga pants are fantastic to travel with. Since the legs are interchangeable, you will only need space for one or two pants saving precious space in your suitcase. Of course, that depends on the length of your trip! You might want to bring three, just in case. 

 The Impact

Yoga pants are a cultural phenomenon, and they show no signs of slowing down. By contributing to our project, you will be introducing the world to the next big innovation in this area. Do it for women everywhere!

 Other Ways You Can Help

In addition to signing up for our prelaunch, you can tell your friends all about MORPHE Apparel. Share or campaign on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, or any other social media platforms you may use. The more women know about what we are doing, the more likely it is that we will be able to raise the funds we need. All contributions are appreciated.


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