This project has already launched.

MoodForce is for those organisations that believe that a happy and positive workforce performs best. MoodForce that does three things:

  1. the app continuously measures your co-workers wellness, happiness and engagement;
  2. the platform enables crowd-solving of issues among participating co-workers;
  3. finally, it enables sharing of solutions to improve wellness, happiness and engagement.

MoodForce is light hearted by nature so every user feels comfortable in frequently updating the community about their mood. This allows teams to actively monitor each other's well-being and act upon it.

The best part? As everyone can see for themselves what is going on in terms of the sentiment and well-being of all individuals, the organisation itself can come up with the best fitting solutions. Empowering the self-management of wellness results in much better solutions that the standard stuff your average HR department will come up with.

Within weeks after starting with MoodForce, you’ll notice co-workers start to better understand each other and solve their own issues, resulting in better teamwork and greater results.

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