moodbik - a portable electric scooter
moodbik - a portable electric scooter

This project has already launched.

about us

We are a small team of young professionals based in Aarhus, Denmark.

With mixed backgrounds within civil engineering, international trade and having great experience from previous jobs abroad we strive to realize our ideas to improve our everyday life.

the idea

Having lived a part of our life in the always buzzing metropolis of Shanghai we have experienced everyday hassles of urban living such as traffic jams and crowded public transportation at first hand.

Additionally we have experienced the noise and smell of petrol-driven vehicles damaging the environment and making our heads sum.

So we brainstormed for ways to bring a practical yet sustainable transportation form to our beloved cities. 

designed for urban living

Walking is great exercise, but when it's part of your commute, it can take time and energy that might be better put elsewhere.

Our brainstorming began on how to overcome all forms of everyday transportation for urban living by creating practical solutions without compromising our minimalist Scandinavian taste.

It ended up with what we believe is the most clean and minimalist design ever seen for this type of vehicle - moodbik.

The one-click folding system makes it easy to carry around with a total weight of only 8 kg., yet the lightweight aluminum body can load a carrying weight of up to 100 kg.


moodbik is easy to carry with a total weight of only 8.3 kg.
moodbik is easy to carry with a total weight of only 8.3 kg.


moodbik is easily collapsed
moodbik is easily collapsed


moodbik is easily unfolded
moodbik is easily unfolded

This means that you can bring the scooter with you on most public transportation forms.

moodbik is designed with modular parts, making it easy for everyone to remove and replace every part of the scooter using only a single tool (included in the box).

technology meets design

Our scooter is powered by a 10.4ah LG lithium-ion battery which can bring an average adult to a speed of up to 25 km/h, yet delivers a driving range of up to 20 kilometers (depending on weight of the driver). 

This should be enough to get most urban citizens from A to B.

The battery is located in the water-resistant compartment inside the front tube and re-charges in 3-4 hours. It has a cycle life of 800-1000 charges, for an average lifespan of 2-3 years.

We have equipped the moodbik with a built-in LCD display in order for you to track speed and battery life.

Don't worry if you're running low on power - the scooter comes with a charger for major worldwide standard sockets, allowing you to re-charge the battery no matter where you are. 

The Regenerative Electronic Braking System allows you to slow-down smoothly while it regenerates energy for the battery. In case you need to brake hard, we have further installed a manual rear foot brake.

A front placed LED light makes sure that you can drive safely even during night. 







ride in style  

By offering additional front tubes we allow you to easily change the color of your moodbik.  

We are launching our Kickstarter project with a specially developed Backers Collection.  

Our Backers Collection offers a range of four colors; alabaster white / asparagus green / battleship grey / anthracite black.  

In addition, the colors are developed using a special surface treatment to ensure that extra feeling of exclusivity.  

In the future we strive to develop more colors and surface treatments continuously and will be launching them as new collections.

moodbik swatches developed for our backers collection
moodbik swatches developed for our backers collection


moodbik holds these quite awesome specs
moodbik holds these quite awesome specs

business model

Being able to offer an affordable price-level is very important for us. In order to do so we have thought through the full supply chain and made it as simple as possible - benefiting the end users.

With the moodbik only being available through our upcoming online store we are avoiding the typical dealer margins (20-40%).

we need your help!

Spreading the word is crucial for our goal to be reached - please help us by sharing our Kickstarter campaign with family, friends and colleagues.

With your help, our goal is to deliver a sustainable daily mode of transportation in order to make our everyday urban lifestyle the best possible, yet having the environment of our beloved cities in mind.

Deliveries to our awesome Kickstarter backers are expected to be in December 2017.

All backers will be listed in our website as an Honorary Co-Founder who has made this project possible.


our plan forward

We are a small team working hard to ensure that our goal will be reached.

So far we have secured all parts of our supply chain and with the help of our backers we hope to reach the needed volume allowing us to achieve the planned schedule.


Further optimization of production, supply-chain while focusing on further product-development and putting great efforts in spreading the word in order to secure expansion and creation of a moodbik community. 

Risks and challenges

We have spent the past 6 months perfecting the design and functionality of the moodbik, and have put more than 5,000 kilometers on our test units to ensure the durability and safety of our design.

Based on our thorough testings we are confident that we can deliver a quality product.

That said, we do recognize that we have challenges ahead.


We have already opened the major moldings however in order for us to offer an affordable price-level we need to reach the required volume to start up our first production.

With our small team having a strong background in civil-engineering/manufacturing we are fully aware that there's always risks involved in mass-production.

Therefore we have partnered up with a manufacturing partner with whom we have built up a very close relationship during the development process.

Our team will be physical present at the manufacturing facilities in order to have own eyes and hands on the production and a 100% QC (quality control) will be made prior to releasing the goods.


Although we have teamed up with well-known forwarders in order to secure an on-time delivery, we are aware that challenges can be met.

In the shipping industry you must be prepared for unforeseen challenges.

However with the use of our backgrounds within International Trade and being in close dialogue with our forwarder's team of competent people, we feel ready to overcome those challenges.

With the trust from our backers we are dedicated to overcome any challenges there might be by taking immediate action.

We will strive to keep all backers updated throughout the project by uploading photos from the production / QC / packaging etc.

It is our goal to deliver a perfect product within the expected timeline as this is the key to reaching our main goal of creating a moodbik community and thereby ensuring a sustainable form of urban transportation.

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