Monthly Makers Projects for Adults
Monthly Makers Projects for Adults

There are many hardware DIY products on the market for kids, but what about kits for the curious adults? Breadboard Lab's kits offer a structured curriculum explaining electrical and computer engineering, all delivered to your home. 

  • Understanding Fundamentals FirstFundamentals are everything in electronics. Most kits have people dive right into projects, giving directions to connecting components without understanding why. Our kits introduce the users to the basic concepts of electronics. We believe that you should understand why components in a project are connected a certain way, rather than just giving you the instructions without explaining them.

    With a good understanding of the fundamental concepts, we are able to advance in the curriculum and introduce you to even more exciting projects, combining the various concepts you've learned from previous kits.
  • Learning Different AlternativesA lot of the functions that a microcontroller can be programmed to do can also be done through circuitry alone; no programming whatsoever. Our booklets will show you how to do that, (e.g., modifying how quickly LEDs blink using basic electrical engineering components, just like if you were using an Arduino).
  • A Tiered Learning CurriculumOne of the toughest decisions to make when entering a new hobby is where to start. We offer a structured curriculum that takes you from the most basic projects and concepts, and build on that foundation to introduce more advanced topics. At the end of the curriculum, you should be able to understand basic engineering terms. 
  • Right Schematics with the Right ComponentsNo more searching online for projects and realizing that you are following an incorrect schematic or looking for outdated components; we provide you with the correct schematics and the right components. 
  • No Confusing Breadboard WiresA lot of kits show pictures of breadboards with wires and components connected all over the place. We noticed beginners have difficulty following this process; so we fixed that! 
  • Affordable. To keep our kits affordable, we distribute items across the 10 kits. This also allows us to focus on what functionalities the components can do. From the microcontroller lesson and onward, we will be putting our parts together. 
We designed our booklets with fun and easy-to-follow concepts. We have found that adults of all ages love the booklet so don't let the cute pictures fool you! Each booklet has about 50-60 pages and has a theme. The booklet goes from a general overview of that theme to more advanced levels. At the end of the booklet, there are circuit activities. Please also note that Lessons 9, 11, 12 and onward do not include a booklet.

Some topics include DC/AC Circuits, Logic Gates, Sensors, Alternative Energy, Motors, Microcontrollers, Wireless, Robotics, PCB & Soldering Techniques  

Some projects include alarms, temperature sensor, robotic car, heart rate sensor, radio, and more  


Kit 1 Materials
First kit provides all the basic materials we need for all projects. 
Our curriculum uses breadboards. Breadboards are for prototyping purposes to test and/or learn. It is not to be used as an actual everyday device.
Online Learning 
After you go through your kit, log onto our website and earn points. Take quizzes and accumulate points to receive gifts and prizes!
What's After the 10 Lessons
Now that we know what you know after the 10 lessons, we will curate DIY projects to you. Soldering will be required. 

 Are you in the NYC metro area? We have been providing workshops for almost a year and we hope to continue.

For those who are subscribed to ourcurriculum we will provide monthly support workshops on the lessons you received from us for that month. Help each other out or find us to help you! We make sure our workshops are beginner-friendly.

Not in NYC? Unfortunately, we can't get to your city yet, but we hope to in the future!
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