Monoposto video driving game racing sim cockpit.
Monoposto video driving game racing sim cockpit.

Drive like you mean it!

Are you still using a jury-rigged setup with your steering wheel because you thought you couldn't afford a proper cockpit and seat? Now you can!

If you are like a lot of people by the time you buy the console, the game, and the steering wheel & pedals there isn't much left in the budget for one of those expensive driving cockpits.  So you make do with some kind of table and chair.  But a proper cockpit makes a big difference in your driving performance and enjoyment.

Finally, here's a solution.

The goal is for the Monoposto to sell for around $95.  With shipping and handling, and a seat you can get into a Monoposto for less than $200. 

The Monoposto as delivered.
The Monoposto as delivered after assembly.

The Monoposto allows you decide how much to spend on the seat itself and you aren't locked in with one expensive big purchase.  You can spread the cost out over time. Buy a Monoposto now and figure out how much you want to spend on the seat.

With the money you save with the Monoposto you can buy a top of the line racing seat from Recaro, or Sparco, etc.  For the least hassle cost effective way, buy a seat from one of the vendors in the links listed below.  Or you can go full economy and mount a seat you find at an auto salvage yard.

Special features of the Monoposto:
  • Strong monocoque panel construction is stiffer than tube frames and holds wheels and pedals solidly in place during the most aggressive maneuvers. Yet the Monoposto is still light enough to be moved easily.
  • The Monoposto is designed for Logitech wheels and pedals (not included) but works great with others.
  • A shifter mount is included for the Logitech G27 wheel.
  • Ergonomic design tilts steering wheel down 10º and the pedals are angled up for the proper race car driving position. 
  • Panels are made in the USA.
  • The attractive design looks cool, the black color goes with any decor, and is less offensive to other members of the household.
  • Adjustable design accommodates ages 5 and up and adults over 6'-8". You can mount a child car seat for even smaller racers.
  • The built in flat screen TV support panel makes a handy beverage holder too.
  • The Monoposto sits low like a race car so you can slide it up to your tv stand. 
  • Easy assembly takes only minutes.
  • You can use the surfaces to add your favorite decals or graphics. 
  • The seat pedestal may be detached so the seat may be used as you wish.

The Monoposto was created using 3D CAD. The panels are computer controlled CNC manufactured for perfect accuracy.

Weight: 45 lbs. 

Dimensions: 54" long, 19" wide, 24" high (Monoposto only)


The Monoposto with your seat, wheels & pedals installed.
The Monoposto with your seat, wheels & pedals installed.

Photo Gallery of one of the prototypes:


The Monoposoto is endorsed by Enzo himself.
The Monoposoto is endorsed by Enzo himself.









The Monoposto is adjustable so kids can drive!
The Monoposto is adjustable so kids can drive!

The Plan:

In order to keep the Monoposto affordable the manufacturing cost must be kept low.  To do this there needs to be a sizable order.  

If the funding goal is reached then a first article will be ordered from the vendor to verify everything fits correctly and there are no issues.  This will take approximately two weeks.  After that it's a simple matter of giving them the go-ahead to start processing orders.  They are capable of processing X amount of orders per week.

The story behind the Monoposto:

This project is the result of a desire to create a simple and inexpensive cockpit for playing Gran Turismo.

The original design was quite a bit different in construction.  It worked very well and a handful of this design were sold.  It's main drawback was that it was bulky and had high boxing and shipping cost.

Further work produced a design that was even less expensive to manufacture and also much easier to package and cheaper to ship.  A side benefit is that it is even stiffer as well as being more attractive and has a large range of adjustment so young people can use it too!

The story stalled there though because to get the per unit cost down it required a large order from the panel vendor.  The financial risk was too great for an an individual to gamble that the orders would come in.  And making them in the garage on the weekends was not going to work. That's why croud funding is so great.  It enables the little guy to do big things.  So the story resumes...

What's with the product name?

The word monoposto is Italian for a single seat race car.  It means literally, one-place.   A Ferrari formula one car is a monoposto.

Links to seats:

The seat in the preceding photos is around $40 from Summit Racing:

They also have a seat and cover combo deal.

Jeg's sells a seat (made in the USA) for about $30 plus shipping that will bolt on easily:

They sell covers for about $30 for the seat.  You can mount the seat directly to the seat pedestal and adjust your position by moving the pedestal assembly forward and back.  Or you can buy one of their adjustable seat mounts (about $35) so you can keep the Monoposto bolted together and move the seat on the pedestal:

They also sell a pad kit (about 30 bucks) if you want to coddle your rear.

Again, keeping with the theme of spreading out the cost, buy the seat, then later on get the cover, and then the pad.

Please note that the seats listed above are the simple bolt-on solution.  If you want to go more upscale, you can easily mount a fancier seat.  You will have to be a little handy though to figure out how to mount it, but it shouldn't be hard.  

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