Money Junior
Money Junior

This project has already launched.

Money Junior, a Preschool Financial Literacy program, jointly developed by a team of certified NLP Practitioners, Money Coach and early childhood professionals; has been tested, refined and localized to cater to the age-appropriateness of the preschoolers, aged 5 and 6 years old.

The Money Junior board game (2-4 players) is suitable for family members to get together to both have fun and learn. As both parents and children play together, it would reflect both of their money habitudes. This fun and creative manner of an educational game teachers both children and parents about money, with everyday life's teachable moments. Parents are able to understand some of the fundamental values of money that they may have missed out during their childhood days, then teach the learnt skills to their children in the process of the game.

The main elements of the game are Earn, Save, Bonus, Share and Spend. Children would have to make choices, such as to decide whether to save money, spend money or earn money etcetera. At times, expenses were not compulsory and this is where children had to learn to make the decisions themselves.

The Money Jars come hand-in-hand with the board game by reinforcing the ideas learnt. The first financial system to establish for children is to automate what they do with their allowance (incoming) and expenditure (outgoing) financial resources. The Money Jars System is part of this basic money management system, which is helpful with helping your kids in what to do with all of the money that comes into their life. As with any good system, the Money Jars have core characteristics of maintainability and separation of duties. More importantly, its ease of use allows children of all ages to be able to maintain the system pretty much by themselves.

In addition to the board game, Ernest Tan of Jopez Academy has written a book to aid children financial literacy. Raising Financially Savvy Kids is written based on the premise that children are always observing what adults do and unconsciously imprint these money blueprints in their sub-conscious mind.

The book acts as a step-by-step guide to for parents to help their children learn to spend, save, and share. This also includes real-life approaches from parents, with activities and tips to put what other parents have learnt into daily practice.

Drawing from decades of working with both parents and children as a money coach, the insight provided by Ernest Tan will give children a head start toward financial savviness in today’s world.

Jopez Academy also holds workshops to educate children (and parents) in money management skills, by engaging them in hands-on sessions with their children. Ernest understands that children learn best when they have lots of fun and visual activities, so he often incorporates financial fairy tales, financial nursery rhymes and symbols, together with art, craft, interactive activities. Children have the opportunity to try out the Money Junior board game, with Ernest aiding them and probing their financial decisions at the side.

Do you want your kids to make better financial decisions then you? Do you want to give your kids a financial head start that enabling them to grow-up as financially savvy adults? Do you want your kids growing up financially independent? Do you want your kids to develop the right money habitudes that empower themselves?

All in all, as a parent: the Money Junior program will teach simple, consistent and organized way to manage money, how to inculcate right values and good money habits to your child, tested and real life money management techniques and to be a more effective and competent guardian/advisor to your child’s finance. As a child, they learn how money can work for them, the differences between ‘Needs and Wants’ and get to exercise better financial decisions.



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