Momensity: An app to capture and share your awesomeness
Momensity: An app to capture and share your awesomeness

Social Media doesn't work socially. 

Online you're awesome 
Online you're awesome

... but it is ALL INVISIBLE to the people you meet OUTSIDE of the Internet.

You're freakin' awesome, but how is anyone to know? 
You're freakin' awesome, but how is anyone to know?

The Momensity app captures your online life, as it happens within Exchange Cards.


The next conversation you're in, don't hand over your phone or hope they remember a URL to show off your awesomeness; just show them your Momensity.


  • Step 1 - Open your Momensity App {Note the other person doesn't need to have the Momensity app for Momensity to work; they will be prompted during the following processes to download the app}
  • Step 2 - The app will allow your phone to interact with Windows, Android, and iPhone devices
  • Step 3 - The Momensity between the two of you will be rated and displayed
  • Step 4 - Momensity will show you each what you'd be most interested and excited to know about one another's online lives

Momensity RATING

The momensity rating is a dynamic number between 1 and 10 that represents how much of a deeper connection and impact two people can have on one another's lives.  



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A closer look at Exchange Cards 


Exchange Card have "Areas" you can hide or show


Your career path can be entered manually or pulled from Linkedin

Career Area 
Career Area


Connections are pulled from your friend's places of work through Momensity.

During testing we found it less important to know who a person's friends are but rather more valuable to learn where a person has contacts.

The next time you need to interact with an organization or business you will know who may have an inside connection to help you.

Connections Area 
Connections Area


Your video collection from Vine, Youtube, and Vimeo are shown here

Talent Area 
Talent Area

MY STORE AREA {Social Shopping}

Those of you that sell online, instead of telling someone a URL to your Craig-list ad or eBay or other online store account or worse handing people your phone to share your online wares; Momensity shares your eCommerce Awesomeness!

Store Area 
Store Area

A Deeper Look


Why Build This App?

I explain a little more (in person) why I'm building this app!

How does the app know what two people would like to know about each other?

We have built a Netflix-like search algorithm that uses your professional, personal, social and commerce-related data in your other social accounts and your Momensity app usage data to predict what people would be interested to know about you in real-time - takes about 5 - 10 seconds and you get to see it your score and match points in the Exchange Card.

Decide to share what with...


Momensity has event modes - to allow you to decide what areas to share with others before participating in a social event

  • Magic mode, let the magic of Momensity try to match your online awesomeness in every conceivable way with whomever you're speaking with.
  • Professional mode, gives you the opportunity to manually pick and choose what areas of your Exchange Card you want to Momensity to share and identify interest with.

Who We Are

The Momensity social connection app was dreamed up in 2006! Our founder, Jermon Green privately funded all development and market testing during this time. Market tests included over 10,000 person-to-person interactions with the many variations of the concept as it evolved into the Momensity platform you have been presented with today.


Why we need your support

Designing and programming applications is a complex and continuous process that requires a lot of funding. The money funded we will use to primarily to finish development and begin marketing and promotions - which includes a national roadshow demonstrations (tradeshows, conferences, exhibitions, meetups). Finally, we will ship out all rewards by express post to ensure fast and on-time delivery.

Thanks for backing us!



Please spread the word about our project among your friends and join us on this journey to make your awesomeness live outloud.










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