MOJO: The Aromatherapy and Color Therapy Slap bracelet.
MOJO: The Aromatherapy and Color Therapy Slap bracelet.

This project has already launched.

The issue
75% of Americans experience moderate to high levels of stress during their life and around 40 million people suffer from different types of anxiety disorder which greatly affects energy, thoughts, feelings, and leads to many health problems. 

Our Solution
Our latest innovation, combining aromatherapy and color therapy principles into a slap bracelet that enables you to shift your mental state, by helping you stay focused, feel energized, find inspiration and achieve serenity, when you need it most, anytime, anywhere. 


Aromatherapy is a fascinating alternative medicine that involves the use of volatile plant materials called essential oils. Aromatherapy can boost energy levels, speed up healing processes, and provide relief from anxiety, stress, depression, and a whole other slew of mental and physical ailments.

Color Therapy

Colotherapy is another holistic healing modality that uses different colors in an attempt to positively alter our emotions, moods and overall wellbeing.  

What is MOJO?

MOJO is a motivational bracelet that engages your senses by combining aromatherapy and color therapy into a slap bracelet. MOJO will slowly diffuse any applied Essential Oil around you throughout the day.
Our MOJO bracelet uses a unique super absorbent microfiber material that captures the aroma, and diffuses it around you throughout the day. It is doubled with a waterproof neoprene layer that locks the oil and avoids contact with your skin preventing any irritation that some highly concentrated oils might cause.

MOJO Comes in 4 Colors

  • Blue for relaxation
  • Orange for energy
  • Green for inspiration 
  • Violet for spiritual wellbeing. 

Each bracelet comes with the corresponding essential oil blend, exclusively created with 100% pure therapeutic grade essential oils.

Help us to spread the word by your support! Our crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter officially launches November 1st. 

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