MOGI: A Quick Connect Yoga Mat Pannier
MOGI: A Quick Connect Yoga Mat Pannier




MOGI Is Exactly The Bag You Need, At Precisely The Moment You Need It!

At MOGI, we believe that a sense of wanderlust makes life better. Your bike can be so much more than just a quick way to get from point A to point B; it’s a path to new places, wonderful people, amazing yoga classes, breathtaking views and astounding experiences. 
MOGI is a quick-connect yoga mat pannier which allows you to easily connect your mat to your bike rack. Effortlessly take your mat with you anywhere you wander. It's clip and go design make MOGI the only yoga mat bag you'll ever need for everyday life and adventure.

Help us raise funds to make yoga mobile for everyone. Your contribution to our goal of $5,000 will go towards manufacturing and start up costs. Anything additional we raise will go towards warehousing, distribution, marketing & sales.


Zipper: Over the top zipper design for ease of placement
Pocket: Zipper pocket for phone, keys & credit cards
Shoulder Strap: For easy carry to and from class
Buckles & Webbing: 3 easy to use  buckles for a clip n' go attachment
Emplacement: Rear mounted bike rack or basket

Company Overview & Business Plan


MOGI, under the umbrella of Chasing Nirvana Yoga, LLC will launch a line of yoga/bike products to fill the void that the yogi/cyclist crossover endures. MOGI has set the following objectives: 

  • To launch the product line by September 6, 2016 (after Labor Day)
  • To increase the number of bags sold month over month 
  • To create the foundation of departments and possibly hire personnel in sales & marketing within the next year 

Keys to Success

The keys to success for MOGI line include: 

  • Kickstarting the project to fundraise initial manufacturing fees & start up costs 
  • Selling at retail prices via & Amazon 
  • Selling wholesale to bike shops and yoga studios 
  • Exhibiting in yoga marketplaces, at festivals such as Yoga Journal Live, Wanderlust and possibly 108 Events 
  • Marketing through social media 

Company Summary

The product line MOGI is looking to become established in 2016 by one individual owner. MOGI is looking to target individuals who partake in both yoga and cycling. City dwellers looking to take a yoga class at a studio across town, yoga teachers trying to get from one class to the next, mountain bikers who want to practice when they get to the summit, beach goers that enjoy yoga in the sand, etc. We are looking to become the go to yoga mat pannier company. 

Market Segmentation 

MOGI will be sold via the four major market tiers listed below: 

  • Direct to Consumer: Via online sales through 
  • Small Businesses: Local yoga studios that offer a retail space & local bike shops 
  • Large Businesses: Big box retailers such as Wal-Mart, K-Mart, Target, REI, TJ Maxx, Marshalls, Dicks Sporting Goods, Kohls,& LL Bean 
  • License Idea to Large Competitors: Such as but not limited to Lulu Lemon, Athleta, Gaiam, Lucy, Jade, & Manduka 

Target Market Segment Strategy 

MOGI will focus on each market tier outlined above. We will start by focusing on direct to consumer sales via marketing through our Kickstarter campaign and social media platforms. Finding companies in each of these four buckets that have a need for our product is the main objective. 

 Competition and Competitive Edge 

Major competitors in the yoga and bike / sporting goods industry include Lulu Lemon, Athleta, Gaiam, Lucy, Jade, & Manduka Currently none of these competitors offer this product which will give us the competitive edge in the marketplace. 

 Website Marketing Strategy 

The website for MOGI has a two tiered objective.  
1. Marketing: To make customers and potential customers aware of the product and its features. To allow them to explore the design of the bag, it’s application and product reviews.  
2. An online portal that allows customers the following services:  
  • Online ordering  
  • Online payments  
Our marketing strategy will involve many of the tactics listed below:  
1. Google Adwords devoted to yoga & bike related keywords for the target market  
2. Collaborating efforts with yoga/bike Instagram celebs to get the MOGI name out there via word of mouth  
3. Kickstarter campaign to draw interest from those individuals interested in backing the product  
4. Sending samples to bloggers that do product reviews  
5. Sending samples to yoga and biking magazine editors  
6. Exhibiting the product at yoga event marketplaces

Company Growth Plan 

MOGI would like to grow into 5 departments: 

  • Sales and Business Development 
  • Production & Shipping 
  • Legal & Accounting 
  • Product Development 
  • Marketing 

At the inception of MOGI, our main emphasis will be direct-to-consumer sales, marketing & production. MOGI’s strategy will be to build a customer base via our marketing plan outlined above. As the company grows in revenue we would like to initially hire a sales representative to expand our sales to the second tier of our target market segmentation (small businesses). We would also like to hire an in house marketing coordinator to leverage our social media campaigns.

Production Timeline







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