Modishspoon is the Italian designed coffee spoon that will stir your espresso keeping the crema beautifully intact in its thickness. Its shape has been studied to allow you to lay it directly on the edge of your espresso cup to avoid contact with other surfaces and keep it all highly hygienic. Its compact dimensions, about three times smaller than a traditional coffee spoon, make it a very personal pocket-size object. 



Modishspoon is the coffee spoon studied and patented to stir sugar in your espresso keeping the crema intact and preserving its aroma, flavour and heat.

Its particular design is simply unique and its compact size makes it more hygienic compared to any other coffee spoon.





Modishspoon’s design allows to lay the coffee spoon right on the edge of your espresso cup. This means a higher level of hygiene since you are avoiding contact with other surfaces.


Its sharp profile will “cut through” the espresso crema keeping it thick and foamy.


Modishspoon’s incisions and profile will let the sugar dissolve without actually stirring your espresso, which means keeping the crema thick and preserving that authentic espresso flavour.



Its distintive shape also allows Modishspoon to let your espresso drip less than an ordinary coffee spoon and to lay I on the edge of your espresso cup to avoid contact with other surfaces.




Modishspoon’s thinness allows a reduced use of space.


If 10 coffee spoons take up 5cm, you will have 20 Modishspoons in that same space.


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