MOCCI: 3D Printed Jewelry
MOCCI: 3D Printed Jewelry

MOCCI (mo-chi) transcends the idea of jewelry; it is a brand for the 21st century. 

As someone who has long appreciated technology, style and art in all forms and facets, the aesthetic direction of MOCCI is held to an inscrutable standard. Our team consists of ambitious engineers, entrepreneurs, artists, models, photographers, directors and business minded individuals. A key focus of MOCCI is on new technologies: 3D Printing, Arduino and the Internet of Things in particular to bring cutting edge jewelry to our supporters. The funds will be used for expansion in multiple ways:

  • MOCCI Collection II
  • Purchase 3D wax printersMOCCI utilizes 3D printers and the lost-wax casting method to reduce costs and increase manufacturing speed.
  • Develop MOCCI apps (web based and iOS) for customizable jewelry such as "roman numeral" ring, "signature" pendant, dog tag, etc. Customization is cornerstone to the success of MOCCI.
  • Innovate in the field of luxury wearable technology. With technology today, simple tasks such as timekeeping, communication, heart-rate, GPS, etc can be manufactured at costs much lower than years past. 3D Printing, Arduino and the Internet of Things (IoT) will make this a reality.

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