MobiVox Recordings--- The First Premiere Mobile Recording Studio
MobiVox Recordings--- The First Premiere Mobile Recording Studio

Executive Statement

Derian R. Morgan is the founder and CEO of MobiVox Recordings, LLC. He is a graduate of SAE Institute where he obtained his diploma, and currently receiving his Associate’s degree in Audio Technology. He has been working for theUnited States Postal Service within the capacity of customer service for the past 2 years as a Letter Carrier. He knows any and everything having to do with customer service and providing services to the target audience. This can be proven through his experience, reputation and results within the Postal Service. MISSION STATEMENT

MobiVox Recordings is a company with aspirations for multiple business ventures. We plan to become the leading audio suite in the region, specifically in the South Florida area. Through the three core values: convenience, quality, and value, MobiVox Recording desires to be the leading provider of audio engineering in Florida. The operations strategy of MobiVox is the successful carrying out of any audio desire through mobility. MobiVox Recordings’ operations are to offer audio engineering, and live sound services to surrounding areas.


MobiVox's Founder, and CEO, Derian Morgan, has created, produced and engineered many songs since his introduction to music at age 12. Though the work hasn’t earned national success, Derian has learned what it takes to make a record from top to bottom. We are currently seeking $75,000-$100,000 for startup.

In the business of Audio Engineering, there is a demand for many engineers to seek employment in a surrounding studio, or create a studio of their own. The burning question many grads have after receiving their certification is: What makes me a better engineer and business man than the others in the over saturated field? The truth is: NOTHING! However, Derian has created a business mold to be successful in the immediate future. MobiVox, prepped to be South Florida’s first mobile recording studio stretches 32 feet in a fully loaded trailer that offers each customer convenience to record in their comfort zones. Our main services are for tracking, mixing, and mastering of audio, as well as filming and editing music videos, all of which will be offered for competitive pricing to market.


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