Mobile Fitness Revolution: Gorilla Bow Resistance Workout
Mobile Fitness Revolution: Gorilla Bow Resistance Workout

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About this project

Gorilla Bow is a revolutionary home and mobile gym that provides a full body workout with one simple, ultra-portable piece of equipment. By combining the ancient weapon, the bow, and cutting edge resistance band technology you can get fit and build muscle with dozens of exercises that work every major muscle group.


Gorilla Bow easily adjusts to your exercise needs regardless of your skill level or fitness goal. The four resistance bands create anything from 5 lbs up to 200 lbs of resistance.


Forget being stuck at the gym, Gorilla Bow is lightweight and convenient to take anywhere. 

With Gorilla Bow, you'll save time and burn more calories than with other traditional workouts like running. We'll give you step by step instructions for our specially designed High Intensity Interval Training that will help you get the results you want.

Forget spending hours at the gym. You'll see more progress by fitting in 15 minutes of HIIT three times a week than you would jogging on the treadmill an hour everyday!

Research shows that the exertion from our workouts causes your muscles to need more repair time. As a result, you'll burn more calories and fat while you're exercising and continue to burn the calories and fat during the repair cycle — upto 24 hours post workout!!!

We'll also be in touch with healthy recipes and other lifestyle tips along the way so you can stay on track for a healthier fitter you!

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