Mobile App Giving Back to Dogs
Mobile App Giving Back to Dogs

Mobile App connecting dog owners with on demand certified pet care. Giving back to shelters and dog owners who need assistance.


From the beginning of this development Sniff Snout has been designed to give back to dogs. Sniff Snout is devoted to keeping more dogs with their owners. Sniff Snout is working on a Pay it Forward feature in the app in which someone can contribute as little as a penny and as much as they want to a walk or vet visit or cancer treatment and many other situations which cause dog owners to give up their pet to the shelter. Working with owners before they get to the point at which they need to surrender their pet to the shelter. We are also working on a feature which will raise funds for animal rescues for dogs who are in shelters and rescues.

That’s how much we truly love dogs. And it’s the key reason – in addition to our innovative business model – why Sniff Snout cannot be compared to any other pet care service. Please support our fundraising campaign. Help us keep your dog – or a dog you love – exercised and well-tended while its owner is away.


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