Moband,a gesture remote control,aims to make your life better!
Moband,a gesture remote control,aims to make your life better!

This project has already launched.


Moband is an easy-to-use universal remote to control all your infrared devices, simplifying the operation of your home and any other devices only by MOTION! Just one device to do all for you, make your life easier, quicker. Moband is preinstalled with a code library of almost all major brand home appliances. With a simple press of one button on your traditional remote, Moband will automatically identify the model of the appliance and the configuration is done.



2.Tech Parameter

3.10 Default Motion

4.Select Your Device

5.Deep Learning System

6.Development API

7.Compatible With All Infrared Codes


Intelligent Wave is a startup engaged in the research and application of motion detection based human computer interaction. It is founded in Guangzhou, China in September 2015. With the patent technologies of motion capturing, detection and smart learning developed in house, Intelligent Wave devotes to looking for the fundamental solutions for the most basic problems of information output in human computer interaction. Intelligent Wave is dedicated to areas of smart home and wearables and providing the most convenient and intelligent motion-controlled products to industrial and individual users.

2. Tech Parameter

Length: 7 inch /180mm

Max. diameter: 1 inch/25mm

Min. diameter: 0.78 inch/20mm

Weight: 0.22 lb /80g Top-bottom proportion of weight: 0.3:0.7

Color: Magic black (More colors to be expected) 


3. Motions  

3.1 10 default motions

Moband has 10 preset default motions:  flick hard, flick up, flick down, flick left, flick right, push forward; pull back, twist clockwise, twist counter clockwise.

3.2 10 custom motions

Aside from 10 default basic motions, Moband provides up to 10 sets of custom motions, whose functions (magics) can be defined by users. Just define the motions and insert them into the Moband, then you can use your new motion to control.

4.Select Your Device

The device’s name will appear on the OLED screen, letting you know which device the Moband is controlling. The touchpad provides you device selection and the possibilities of defining your own motions. With the combination of the screen and touchpad, it is able to add up to 15 devices of Moband!

5.Deep Learning System

The more to use Moband, the more accurate for custom motions it will be. Moband is built in deep learning system that is able to accumulate data of the motions to build up the motion model.

6.Development API

The Bluetooth API is also provided for professional users. With secondary development, base on the API provided from Intelligent Wave, Moband is able to support many more devices.


7.Compatible With All Infrared Codes

7.1It literally controls all infrared devices including TV, DVD Player, Fan, Air Purifier and any other home appliances that have infrared remotes.

7.2Bluetooth 4.0 for connection with APP on mobile phone, allowing configuration of Moband.

7.3Privacy option is provided and you can decide whether to share your motions and configurations.

7.4A magic wand shouldn`t be tossed around, therefore Intelligent Wave provides a base charge for Moband Battery life: up to 7 days under normal usage.

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