Mizari Loves Company - Otome VN-RPG
Mizari Loves Company - Otome VN-RPG

This project has already launched.


* demo not available for Prefundia

After forming a mercenary band with her friend Nerui and a vagabond named Merrick, Mizari set out to help quell the attacks by the antagonistic demon nation. How, then, did Mizari find herself living at the Demon King's castle? Worse yet, she finds herself falling for a demon!

Follow Mizari as she copes with learning that things aren't always as they appear, and that some things aren't simply black or white. With your help, her worldview will completely change, and she may even be able to change things for the better.

  • Three romance-able male love interests with unique storylines
  • An estimated ~150,000 to ~200,000+ words (10-20 hours) of reading
  • 20+ unique CGs, including optional steamy love scenes
  • 10+ endings
  • RPG elements: inventory, quests, & combat system 
  • Visual Novel Mode: disable all gameplay elements
  • Partial English voice acting

* All amounts in Canadian Dollars

  • Kickstarter-exclusive Updates - access to exclusive progress updates and asset previews.
  • Wallpapers & Icons - includes a set of five wallpapers and ten icons, plus a Kickstarter-exclusive bonus wallpaper.
  • Your Name in the Credits - your name or alias will be included in the credits of the final version of the game.
  • A DRM-free Copy of the Game - upon the game's release, you will receive a redeemable itch.io link for a DRM-free version of the game.
  • Digital Artbook - a digital-only artbook that will include safe-for-work sprite, CG, and background artworks.
  • Digital Dakimakura Design - a printable design that is formatted for use on a body pillow. Three double-sided, full body designs available.
  • Character Charm - a 1.5" acrylic charm. Four designs available.
  • Poster - an 8"x10" poster. Three designs available.
  • Name & Design One In-game Weapon - design a weapon that will be used as an in-game item and name it. *25 character limit for the name. Cannot contain any offensive words or designs.
  • Design One In-game Quest Premise - write an up to 250 word quest premise, which will then be worked into the game as an actual quest. *May be tweaked to fit within the game's lore.

* All amounts in Canadian Dollars


More backgrounds will be added to the game! There will be less reused areas for quests!

All good endings will have post-game epilogues! Don't you want to know what happens afterwards...?

Special opening and ending videos will be added! Wouldn't that be great?

Nerui will get her own, smaller game from her own perspective, giving you the chance to romance Merrick and Yuhata~! 

* Backers who pledge at the "Magician" tier or higher will get this new game for free!

Nerui will get one extra love interest, a brand new, completely original character who isn't present in Mizari Loves Company!

Nerui's game will be expanded into a full-sized title that rivals Mizari Loves Company!

Reine Works strives to create quality games aimed at a primarily female audience. We create both otome and yuri games and have already released one full, free title: Blossoms Bloom Brightest, and one commercial title: The Tail Makes the Fox - Episode 1.

With Mizari Loves Company, we seek to make a full-length otome game that allows players to choose their own play-style by selecting which features are enabled and/or disabled.

This title in particular has been in development since late 2016 and has the progress to show for it. All key backgrounds (ie, the ones needed to complete the main game), main and side character sprites, the GUI, and logo are already completed. In addition, writing began in August 2017, with 5 of 20 main chapters already completed (totalling ~46,000 words), and NPC sprites are presently underway.

Although we have funded the base game out of our own pocket, we are seeking extra funding to ensure that the final product will be properly polished. In short, we're hoping to get some extra leeway with the game's budget. Please see the pie chart below for a rough break down of how our base goal would be used.

As we strive for high quality releases, we do not feel comfortable giving an exact estimate for a release date. The game will simply be done when it has been satisfactorily polished. However, we can say that our goal is to have the game out by Q4 2018.

To learn more about us, you can check out our: 

Tumblr, TwitterPatreon, our Discord, and our website!

Concept, programming - gamerbum

Writing - MJ Lee

Character designs - Sayuui, Maddy & Jules, Meg'

Key sprites & promo artwork - mukangASO

NPC sprites - Ellisaire

Backgrounds - Rude Roo

Chibis - chegovia

Dakimakuras - LindaRoze

GUI - ds-sans

Logo - viyuzu

Campaign graphics - Kainico

Casting director - Reece Bridger (No Studio In Particular)

Voice actors - Natalie Van Sistine, Steven Kelly, Jonah Scott, Elissa Park, Pat Seymour, Reece Bridger, Kira BucklandSiddhartha Minhas (GodKnight)Mike VarkerElsie Lovelock, Kathy Pfautsch

Music - Mafroi

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