MIX DUO: Keep On Listening™!
MIX DUO: Keep On Listening™!

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"MIX DUO takes the epic sound of MIX Wireless and combines it with our brand new 'Wired or Wireless' technology, so that no matter what, you can Keep On Listening!"

- Adam Blair, Founder, PUMP Audio

Hi Kickstarter, we’re PUMP Audio.

We’ve come back to Kickstarter to announce the Launch of our brand new generation of Wireless In-Ear headphones:

MIX DUO are PUMP Audio’s brand new Wired or Wireless In-Ear headphone design.

They are an improved version of MIX Wireless, with longer battery life and better weight distribution...

When the battery runs out, just plug in the brand new Keep On Listening™ Audio cable and your Wireless headphones just became WIRED!

DUO has a specially designed 2.5mm audio cable connector...

...and a specially developed 2.5mm - 3.5mm audio cable.

We went with a 2.5mm connector to make it as small and light as possible -- just 0.2 grams -- while incurring no loss in sound quality whatsoever.

The media player end of the audio cable is 3.5mm, so that you can use MIX DUO with allmusic players.

Some high end *over-ear* headphones have been “wired or wireless” for a number of years now.

But the technical challenges with in-ear headphones has meant that until now, you've only had the option:

Wired *or* Wireless.

They are the "Wired or Wireless" in-ear headphones that -- we think -- the World has been waiting for...

Initial design concept #1
Initial design concept #1
Initial design concept #2
Initial design concept #2
Initial design concept #3
Initial design concept #3
Early Design Meeting sketches/notes
Early Design Meeting sketches/notes
First functional prototypes
First functional prototypes
Late stage CAD design
Late stage CAD design
Final Pre-Production Prototype
Final Pre-Production Prototype


Historically PUMP Audio headphones have always been about one thing: Sound. Above All Else.™

That hasn’t changed with MIX DUO.

PUMP's ground-breaking “V1”, “V2”, MIX and MIX Wireless models have previously taken the headphone market by storm, receiving hundreds of official 5 star reviews, and thousands of unofficial ones from users in more than 111 countries around the World.

The sub-bass reproduction and unique sound signature of MIX DUO is something that we’ve developed from the ground up over the course of Three years, and it’s something we’re very proud of.

The obvious difference between PUMP Audio headphones and other brands is the quality and depth of the bass and sub-bass reproduction.

There have been some other brands who've tried this approach, including a very famous one you are no doubt familiar with beginning with a "b"...

However, the other big difference between PUMP Audio and those other brands is what we've done with the rest of the frequency range.

We haven't simply sacrificed the rest of the range so that all you hear is heavy bass.

Instead we've painstakingly created a totally unique sound signature that gives you immense bass, but with balance, clarity, and high fidelity Audiophile quality sound through the entire range.

The BRII Bluetooth chip in MIX DUO is the next variant of exclusive chip we developed together with ISSC Technologies for MIX Wireless.

We couldn't achieve perfect replication of the PUMP sound signature with the off the shelf CSR chipset we started out with, specifically with the sub-bass frequencies.

This led us early on in development to switch to developing a custom chip exclusively for MIX Wireless, and now for MIX DUO.

Our new BRII chip connects quickly, has extremely reliable connection and crucially, can handle the bass and sub bass reproduction we need, as well as having perfect reproduction through the rest of the range.

MIX DUO now has perfect weight distribution, which is particularly good if you're going to listen to them while exercising.

The new battery pod has been designed to have the exact same weight and position as the control module.

This means that DUO are perfectly balanced and extremely comfortable to wear both in Wireless mode behind your head and Wired mode in front of your head:

MIX DUO comes with 2 sizes of silicone eartips, and 3 sizes of Memory Foam eartips.

Each set has been specifically designed to work with the internal architecture of MIX DUO to ensure they sound the same, no matter what size ear canal you have.

We suggest trying all five earbud sizes to see which ones best fit your ear size.

Using the best size for your ear makes a BIG difference!

If you're someone who likes to use custom made eartips, MIX DUO are a supported model for Snugs Earphones custom made eartips.

Thanks to the brand new battery pod MIX DUO lasts for 5 1/2 hours at maximum volume(which you are unlikely to want to use!), and significantly longer at lower volumes.

We've tested up to 12 hours, 25 minutes at 80% volume, depending on the type of music being played

Thanks to the new battery pod, we've been able to increase the maximum volume of MIX DUO by 25% compared with MIX Wireless.

When you're in Wireless Mode, the MIX Wireless controller lets you answer calls, skip forwards and backwards through tracks and adjust the volume.

And when you're in Wired Mode, the MIX controller lets you do exactly the same:

You can get MIX DUO in the signature PUMP Orange:

Or the slightly more understated Jet Black:

Both colour options come with machined aluminium casing.

For the Kickstarter Launch of MIX DUO, we've decided to give you the option: With or without packaging!

The reason is that the packaging adds a significant amount of cost to the product in terms of manufacturing and shipping costs.

So we've decided to give Backers the option!

If you choose not to have the packaging, you will still receive everything -- including all accessories -- except the retail packaging and physical manual (which we'll make available online).

The advantage if you choose this option is that you will save an extra £7 / approx. US$9 (£4 on the packaging plus £3 on the shipping).

If you damage or break your PUMPs, fear not…

We definitely don’t want to leave you in the lurch just because you had an accident or lent them to someone who’s a bit too heavy handed.

That’s why we offer the 5 Year PUMPreplace Guarantee.

Just get in touch with a copy of your receipt and a picture of your damaged PUMPs and we’ll arrange another set for you (minus the packaging, accessories, manuals etc. that you already have) at a heavily subsidised price.

This price may change a little from time to time, but it will always be a fraction of the “new” price, so just ask us what it is currently.

Your 5 Year PUMPreplace Guarantee does not effect your standard PUMP 2 Year full product warranty.

* you must register your PUMPreplace Guarantee at pump-audio.com to be eligible (it’s free!).

We appreciate that there are some pretty major claims made about the sound quality of MIX DUO in this Launch campaign.

If you're already a Friend of PUMP then you will know that these claims are no exaggeration.

However, if you're new to the PUMP Family we understand that there may be some scepticism; after all, how different can one set of headphones sound from another?

Well the answer is a LOT (as you will see from our Artist Reviews and User Reviews), and to prove that to you, we're offering all Kickstarter Launch Backers a 100% no quibble 90 Day Trial on MIX DUO.

It means that you can back MIX DUO with absolutely no risk.

If you don’t think they're as amazing as we do, just send them back for a complete refund, no questions asked and no hard feelings.

But fair warning… once you hear them, the last thing you'll want to do is send them back to us.

We’re looking forward to welcoming you as a Friend of PUMP, and thank you in advance for your support from everyone here at PUMP HQ!

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