Missing Links Project
Missing Links Project

This project has already launched.

Joyful memories, hidden and tucked away among the tangled weeds within a thick fog, lost for years, if not decades: revive these otherwise lost treasures – recover them, dust them off, bring them back, and share them again, with the Missing Links Project, a unique and wide-ranging therapeutic program created and prepared for seniors, their loved ones, caregivers, and senior living communities.

The Missing Links Project is a comprehensive multisensory experience encompassing 4 decades. It has been designed to trigger reminiscences and ignite recollections through countless iconic snippets. These video clips are identified, tagged, edited, then woven together into a visual tapestry. In addition, music from the selected time period plays throughout the program, immersing the viewer into a time period with which they’re more familiar and comfortable.

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Powerful. Yet fun and nonthreatening - that’s the Missing Links Project.

And, each link comes with a special User’s Guide designed for each decade. The Missing Links Project allows every senior, their caregiver and loved ones a unique opportunity to smile, laugh, marvel and share a memory from a time gone by, helping improve their quality of life.

Lastly, with an ever-growing library of new specialty links and User’s Guides, the Missing Links Project promises to continue helping cast beacons of light and reach through the mist, letting both viewers and their loved ones enjoy life again.

Join the fight and support the Missing Links Project.

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