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Constantly finding yourself in inopportune never-ending conversations?

MiracleFone is a device created to offer you relief from the frustrations surrounding undesired interactions by giving you an opportunity to politely excuse yourself from inopportune conversations in real-team.

MiracleFone vs Smartphone Fake Call Apps

The Device


How It Works


The website is developed and is fully functional. It may need some graphic design work, but the functionality has been successfully tried and tested. If one wanted to visit miraclefone.com today, they could purchase a fob that would work just fine with an iPhone (see a little further down about other types of cell phones).

Website's Functionalities:

  1. Purchasing and registering fobs
  2. Pairing the fobs with Bluetooth enabled phones 
  3. Programing numbers for all 3 available fob buttons (could all be the same number)
  4.  Assigning callback messages to each programmed number
  5. Monitoring fob usage
  6. Purchasing additional callbacks
  7. Supporting customer inquires by featuring a backend for customer service representative functionalities



Where We Stand

Years of considerable time, money, and effort have already been dedicated to designing and manufacturing the fobs and the website. As you can see from the picture above, we've already gone ahead and produced the first batch of functional fobs. Also, as already highlighted, we've already successfully developed the functionality of the website.


MiracleFone: A Brief Historical Recap


By the end of 2012 we were ready to start selling our first batch of fully functional fobs. While we were beta testing our first batch and preparing an updated marketing strategy, we came to find out that certain cell phone manufacturers had tweaked their products' Bluetooth functionalities often resulting in their brand's Bluetooth accessories (e.g. headsets) becoming the only compatible options. Unfortunately, the MiracleFone team didn't plan on this change and it resulted in our fobs not being compatible with many major cell phones (not including the Apple iPhone which still currently works just fine with the fob).


MiracleFone: Onward!


Your Kickstarter funds will go directly to retooling the mechanisms found inside the fobs and the overall call back processes. These updates will further ensure that if future Bluetooth changes are implemented by cell phone manufacturers, the capability of our fobs to successfully generate a callback will not be affected. 

We have the knowledge, experience, motivation, and the contacts needed to retool and get a finished product out to the market, but the entire process will require additional funding. We are seeking your Kickstarter contributions to help fund the next steps.



**Please note that we have hundreds of finished fobs ready for use for iPhone users. Due to Bluetooth changes certain cell phone manufacturers made to their products, non-iPhone users will have to wait for the second generation of fobs to be manufactured (with help from the Kickstarter funding) before we can mail their reward fobs highlighted below.**




Our Bio

Hi, my name is Mike Miracle and a few years ago I was confronted with a common problem people have when dealing with other people; it seems that I consider my time more valuable than other people do.  The situation was this; I was in my office, doing my work when a co-worker came in.  He didn’t seem to have anything better to do than to come in and talk to me about local sports.  Normally, I give someone about two minutes of chit-chat kinda back and forth before I move on. Being trapped in my office, I had nowhere to move on to.  So I thought, wouldn’t it be great to have a button you could press that would make your phone ring?  Something small, simple and easily hidden so no one would see you use it.  I could press the button, my phone would ring a few seconds later, I would answer, respond to the voice at the other end by saying, “Can you hold on a second, I have someone in my office” and tell the intruder to “Please excuse me, I have to take this call”.  How awesome would that be?

Soon after, I got a couple of my friends behind the project and we got rolling with designing, prototyping, and testing the fob and the website. Below is one of our original sketches. 

Our Team

Mike Miracle (me)

I have been a business application software developer for nearly 40 years, including insurance, mining and educational software application domains.  For about 20 years I have been a software consultant and my wife and I have owned and operated another local business for the past 20 years.  I have always enjoyed the challenges associated with solving difficult technical problems, which is why this project appealed so much to me.  Although it might seem that giving the product my family name is an act of vanity, the truth is, it just sounded catchy.  Hope you don’t mind.

I have trusted contacts in the manufacturing, legal, financial, and web/smartphone app development industries within my network that I have already utilized or plan on tapping into to contribute to the success of MiracleFone.


Seth Stern

Seth is truly the technical wizard behind the scenes of MiracleFone.  His areas of expertise are vast and deep, also spanning the decades elapsed since punched cards.  

Thank you!

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