Fund it like you want it...  Minions of Steel - FPS/RTS
Fund it like you want it... Minions of Steel - FPS/RTS

Mantra: Invent. Engage. Inspire. Delight.

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MOS is a real time strategy(RTS) plus first person shooter (FPS) PC game! Kickstarter stretch goals include porting to Playstation and Xbox consoles! MOS is based in artificial intelligence and robotics.

MOS is being built by a small independent team of cross disciplined developers. It is a huge amount of work for the team. Luckily, all members are avid game players with propulsion to produce something different and fun to play!


  • Salvage
  • Ranking System
  • Assignable behaviors for each minion
  • Build, save and load armies via the Operations Editor (OpEd)
  • Enhancement system (temporary enhancements for minions)
  • Research (enhancements for player bases)
  • Upgrade/Abilities systems (permanent upgrades to all minions and bases)


  • Player Lobby
  • 8 Teams max per map
  • One GENEI (or RTS commander) and up to 7 FPS pilots per team
  • 240 minions per map

In the last days, we had given up hope for the somber realization of our own ultimate defeat. We had no tears left for our dead, only hate for the steel terror in the distance. It was now every soldier’s duty and honor to deliver the last blows for humanity upon these heartless widow makers. With fierce vengeance and complete disregard of self preservation, we forged ahead as dead men fighting.

Those lucky enough, escaped into space. Launched into the beyond like seeds in a pod looking for fertile ground from which to spring again… The remainder of us distracted the walking steel while they escaped, and, we died. Our blood oiled the cold precise mechanisms of our undoing.

GENEI raised quite a stir… Taunting us and broadcasting his evil satire. There is no doubt that he is alive, and houses all that is vile, revolting and ugly inside his man made brain. How is it we captured all that is despicable and disgraceful into one being? No remorse, pity or penance will ever be displayed from this disgusting and powerful creation.

And so it is, the earth has been wrenched from our hands. Destroyed by our own creation... They say there are those that “knew.” They say some predicted the outcome of creating this “warrior” child of man, but, no one would heed the warning. Now they are dead… Everyone is dead… Dispatched from mother earth... There is no more wisdom to hear. No sounds but that of thundering minions. No sounds but that of endless war… The war was lost for man, but it was just the beginning for GENEI.

Operations Editor (OpEd): Behavior Assignments

OpEd: Abilities and Statistics


Main Goal and Stretch Goals:

  • Release MOS!
  • Add Intro Movie
  • Port to Console
  • Add JARVIS "like" AI



Is there a single player mode?
Yes. The single player mode can be played as “kill all” or death match style games against the AI.

Is there research in the game for RTS play?
Yes. Player bases and base defenses can be advanced through research. Minions are advanced with enhancements, salvage and upgrades purchased in the OpEd.

Do I get to keep my minions when they die?
Yes. Minions can be regenerated during a match if they die, but only if you have enough war points. All dead minions are regenerated for the next match.

Do my minions keep their upgrades?
Yes. If you buy upgrades for you minions or find salvage for them, these are permanent. Upgrading minions and winning matches increase your rank. Your armies will grow more and more powerful as you play and upgrade them.

How many minions can be in my army?

How many armies can I have?
You can have as many armies as you have resources to buy them. Also, armies can be built from finding salvage.

How many armies can be on a map?
There can be 8 armies on a map. If all GENEI’s (RTS commanders) have 32 minions, that’s 256 minions on the map. And, 64 of those minions can be piloted by live players.

Can GENEI (RTS commander) pilot a minion too?
Yes. But some of the RTS functions will not be available while GENEI is piloting a minion. Be careful!

How does swapping between FPS and RTS work?
Some one has to be GENEI (the RTS commander) for the army. This gets set up before the match, in the game lobby. GENEI can swap his consciousness into a minion and pilot it, but he loses some of his RTS functions as a result. So, be careful doing this.

GENEI can set what minions the FPS players can take over, or let them take over any minion. There may be some special minions that GENEI wants to control in RTS mode exclusively.

If a minion is available to swap into, simply press F1 to exit your current minion. This puts you in "ghost mode" and you can fly around the scene. Click on an available minion and press "F1" again and your consciousness will take over that minion allowing you to pilot it.

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