MiniMojo Fun Gadget for the Fridge and more.....
MiniMojo Fun Gadget for the Fridge and more.....

This project has already launched.

The MiniMojo is designed to be a fun, cute and simple to use electronic gadget for the home. It comes complete with a pre recorded message of encouragement for those of us trying to loose a little weight or keep track of our lifestyle goals but at a click of a button you can record your own words of wisdom and the release your own MiniMojo.

Activated by an internal light sensor the MiniMojo can be placed in the fridge, draw, cupboard or anywhere you please and will be heard each time the door or draw is opened.

Whether you are slimming down, wanting to do more exercise, need to leave a note for your partner in the fridge or simply want to have some fun then the MiniMojo has your back. 

Why do we need your help? Simple, we already have done the hard work of design and prototype testing and are now ready to manufacture the first batch and need help funding. Your money will basically help to buy the first batch of MiniMojos which we hope to be shipped to our warehouse in March.

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