MINIMA - Minimalist Affordable Premium Fidget Spinners
MINIMA - Minimalist Affordable Premium Fidget Spinners

Hi Kickstarter, I’m Grant. I’m the founder and principle designer at Duane Design Works, a new startup company whose goal is to design simple and elegant Every Day Carry (EDC) products for the modern man. We have embraced the design philosophy of minimalism and it is at the core of our first product, a new line of fidget spinner desk toys named Minima.

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Minimalist Design 

“Less is More” a phrase coined by Architect Ludwig Mies van der Rohe (1886–1969) in the early 20th century is one of the sentiments at the core of minimalist design. Influenced by the traditional Japanese culture of Zen philosophy, where simplicity is closely associated with beauty, minimalist design has been adopted more and more into western culture, especially architecture and more recently product design. As the name Minima suggests, our line of spinners were designed to be simple, strong and yet elegant in form. They were designed to fit comfortably in your hand and be moved easily in and out of your pocket when the Fidgeting urge takes hold.

Finest Materials 

To compliment the simplicity of the design we decided to craft Minima from solid quality materials. Every Minima spinner is made from genuine Carbon Fiber plate, solid Grade 5 Titanium, Naval Brass and Hybrid Silicon Nitride Ceramic Bearings.

Three Spinners to Choose From 

Whatever form of spinner your fidgeting demands we have you covered. Minima comes in the Popular Triple Minima³, Slim Double Minima² and Mini Triple Minima¯¹. All three designs are easy to hold and easy to fit in your pocket.



Precision Machined in California 

All of our products will be made in the U.S.A. We own our own CNC Machining equipment and all machined components will be made by us in house. We guarantee everything that we make and will gladly refund you if you are not happy with our product.

Why Fidget Spinners? 

I'm a father to two daughters who were both diagnosed with ADHD at an early age, I saw the challenges that they faced growing up and also observed the coping mechanisms they developed to help them maintain focus. While not having a problem with maintaining focus myself, I do understand and empathize with people who have the need to fidget while trying to concentrate on whatever they are doing. The incidences of focus anxiety and ADHD seem to be more common as the pressure to perform in modern society has increased. If one of our fidget toys can help one person better cope with these pressures then I feel it would have been worth the effort to create these products.

Can We Do It? 

The short answer is yes. Although this is our first EDC product, we have years of experience in designing and manufacturing our own products in a number of other markets, most notably professional video camera accessories. We already own our own CNC machines which we will use to make the Minima spinners. You can be confident in your pledge knowing we already have the knowhow, experience and equipment to fulfill your rewards.

 We Need Your Support 

To help us bring this product to market, we need your support Kickstarter Backers. We are seeking $2500 in funding to enable us to buy the materials in bulk that are needed to make the first run of spinners. It will also help us buy some new cutting tools for our lathe. Beyond that, we are ready to go. Please back our project and help our fledgling company get it's start. For your support, we have created the following rewards.









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