Mini Me City: Custom-Created Figurines and Cake Toppers
Mini Me City: Custom-Created Figurines and Cake Toppers

At Mini Me City, we create both figurines and caricatures that are custom made to look like you or a loved one. 

Mini Me figurines are custom-created figurines that perfectly represent you or a loved one and add a personal touch to an office, wedding or home. Whatever the occasion, we can reproduce any situation or person in a clay based figurine. Just tell us the shape, color, elements and size, and we will create a hand sculpted figure of your heart's desire.


For our caricatures, you can either choose from one of our pre-designed themes to build off or give us your vision for a fully custom-made drawing that reflects the person (or people) it is designed around. 


Caricature poster board at a wedding
Caricature poster board at a wedding

With Mini Me City personalized figurines and caricatures, you can show everyone around you that you really care for them. Send us a photo and our skilled artists will take care of the rest. 

Figurines: Whether for your wedding, office or home, our figurines are custom made to represent you perfectly. Everything detail, from the pose to the color of your hair to your clothing, is done to your exact specifications to insure your Mini Me comes out exactly as you wanted. 

Custom wedding cake topper

Caricatures: Either choose from our pre-designed themes or create one that is entirely your own for your caricature. We personalize each of our drawings to look exactly like you or your loved one (or both of you) in the background of your choice. Trust us, everyone will love your fun caricature! 


The funds we raise on Kickstarter will go towards creating new customized shipping boxes and improving our materials. We already make the best figurines and caricatures out there, but we don't want to settle. With your help we'll be able to make even better mini you's that are sure to last a lifetime. Please help us by backing our project, expected to launch in January 2014! 

Oh, and one more thing. Help spread word about Mini Me figurines by sharing the news with all your family, friends and followers on Facebook and Twitter. Thank you! 

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