Mindless Box - English otome game
Mindless Box - English otome game

Mindless Box is an upcoming Halloween themed Otome game from Maimie’s Toybox! There are many routes and secrets to be unraveled in this horrific, comedic, drama filled adventure!

“Mindless Box” is a dating sim from Maimie’s Toybox about magic, ghosts and romance.  Players will join the young witch Emily as she finds herself reciting a spell incorrectly as well as dropping a jealous woman’s toe into a boiling concoction. This seemingly harmless mistake caused a very dangerous explosion, blowing the roof off of Emily's favorite hiding place. 
Unfortunately, that favorite place of hers was the old janitor’s closet at Autumn Harvest Academy.
With no money to her name, Emily is forced to work off the cost of repairs by sacrificing her nights to clearing out the abandoned dorms adjacent to the academy. 
Along with three other troublemakers and one best friend, Emily soon finds herself thrown into mishaps and tragedies after discovering a mysterious chained up box. She begins to lose sight of herself and someone she thought she knew. 

  • 4 character routes with 3 endings each
  • 2 hidden routes that incorporate every character
  • Various bad endings that may reveal new information about the MB universe
  • Adult version contains various erotic CGs
  • Over 126k possible words
  • Animated intro and ending sequence

Coming soon! Within a week of the Kickstarter going live, I will share the demo of Mindless Box!


  • Plan: 100& completed
  • Sprites: 100% completed
  • GUI: 100% completed
  • Backgrounds: 5% completed
  • CGs: 1% completed
  • Writing/Programming: 20% completed

Compared to the 2014 demo, the game has had a complete overhaul and update. All of the graphics are being remade but it is moving in a good direction.

$6500 - Japanese Translation
The game will be translated into Japanese.
$8000 - Mindless Box anthology/artbook digital
A 80-100 page book featuring character information, short comics and art for Mindless Box.
$10000 - Voice acting for important CG events
Voice actors will be brought in to voice important story CG events in the game. It will hopefully add to the atmosphere of the game and draw more players in.
$12000 - MB anthology physical
The 80-100 page anthology will be expanded to 130 pages and will receive a physical release.
Anything above - Future MT games and translations
Any subsequent funding raised from the Mindless Box kickstarter will go directly into the next MB game. Whether it be for hiring an additional programmer or funding another original soundtrack, it will be put to good use.


$1: Magician tier
Your name will go in the credits.
+Previous tier rewards

$5: Sun tier
Receive a copy of the game with uncompressed image files.
+Previous tier rewards

$10: Four of Pentacles tier
Receive a baker only set of wallpapers
Receive a digital ten page 4koma comic anthology [different from the stretch goal anthology]
+Previous tier rewards

$20: Page of Pentacles tier
Receive a digital thank you card of your favorite MB character with a personal message.
+Previous tier rewards

$35: Temperance tier
Receive a sticker set and physical thank you card
Receive a digital copy of the MB anthology [If stretch goal met]
+Previous tier rewards

$50: Six of wands tier
Receive a keychain of your favorite MB character
+Previous tier rewards


$75: Seven of pentacles tier
Receive a baker only Mindless Box T Shirt
+Previous tier rewards


$100: Eight of Cups tier
Receive a physical copy of the MB anthology [If stretch goal met]
+Previous tier rewards

$150: Nine of Cups tier
Receive beta access to Mindless Box and a poster
+Previous tier rewards

$200: Ten of Pentacles tier
Design a character to be placed in the background of Mindless Box
+Previous tier rewards

$500: Wheel of Fortune tier
Receive a dakimakura cover of any Maimie's Toybox character

With a base goal of $4500

  • 20% - fees & such 900$
  • 20% - rewards 900$
  • 35% - audio 1575$
  • Rest - art

20% of funds raised through the Mindless Box kickstarter will go towards any fees and taxes that may come up.
20% of funds raised will go towards fulfilling the backer rewards. Whatever isn't covered will be taken from the art funds.
35% will go towards funding an original soundtrack for Mindless Box. As music is an important part of any MT game's atmosphere, I hope to work with a talented musician to create a soundtrack that'll accompany players throughout their adventure.
Whatever is left over from funding music, fees and rewards will be kept by me. As I am the writer, artist and programmer, I've been able to keep costs relatively low. I plan on only funding myself if there is money left over from the more important areas.

Artist, writer, programmer: Gabicho
I am the sole member of Maimie's Toybox. I have been working on and completing indie games by myself for 3 years now.
Working by myself has given me the opportunity to take complete control over my projects look, feel and message. It also helps keep costs low.
However, regularly consulting with players and friends has helped me to get out of my own head and expand on the worlds I create. Without them, I am truly nothing.



The only risk that Mindless Box has right now is being delayed. I have never not released a game before and MB will be no different. I am committed to sharing this story with you, even with no funding as I truly care for the characters I’ve created. If any delays happen, I promise to be completely transparent and offer timely updates.




Will Mindless Box be translated into other languages?

So far, I know for sure that I would like to fund a Japanese translation. If this kickstarter is successful, I’d love to translate into Spanish next and then Russian.


What platforms will MB be released on?:

As of right now, PC only.


Will the anthology be released afterwards?

Yes, the anthology will be released afterwards if there is enough demand. I will most likely leave a few comics out of the commercial release versus the backer release.

Why will there be two versions of Mindless Box?:

One version will contain no erotic scenes while another will. My main reason for doing this is so I do not alienate the younger fans I have who are curious to see MB’s story.

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