Mills Organic Hills, Land Of The Sheep.
Mills Organic Hills, Land Of The Sheep.

We are dedicated to helping others afford the food they need most. The next step in the availability of organic food for the average person, is helping your local farmer. Give us what we need to help others.

Viset our campain at: Mills Organic Hills, Land Of The Sheep

     We have a dual purpose goal, it starts with our decision to go all organic, and our drive to help the poor. We want to make organic successful, but not lose our humanity in the process. So we have made the decision to give 1/10 of our flock to the poor every year. This means that we will give 1 lamb out of every 10 lambs to the poor. So the goal is to make organic run on 90% of its total income. The remaining 10% goes to charity.


     Like sheep we need the flock, we need to work as a community. The power of our flock can change lives, it can give more to the community in ways that one person possibly could. 


     We have seen communities step forward and change lives for the better. That is our goal, to change lives for the better. We desire to help, and to help those that are in need. For every 10 lambs that come to our Ranch, we set aside one for charity. This female sheep is dedicated as breeding stock for the local charity, instead of her offspring going to market, they are given to those who are in need: the disabled, low income seniors, single mothers, veterans, and organizations that distribute food to the hungry.  This is who we are for and the causes we are dedicated to. 


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