Midwest Electric Radio - Vintage-Themed Comic Podcast
Midwest Electric Radio - Vintage-Themed Comic Podcast

This project has already launched.

Midwest Electric Radio is a vintage-themed radio drama that takes comic books that we've all read and loved and cranks up the awesome factor by 1000!

With a combination of talented voice actors, incredible sound effects, and an unbelievable music score, you'll experience your favorite comics in a whole new way.  Rediscovering some and perhaps experiencing others for the very first time.

The podcast will be available for FREE on Soundcloud, Stitcher, iTunes, RSS feed, Google Play Music, TuneIn, & YouTube!

Over 50 hours has gone into creating the pilot episode alone, and though the podcast is free, we will need your help.  Not just in this crowdfunding campaign, but through subscriptions, sharing, and even monthly contribution through PayPal through the official website at www.midwestelectricradio.com.

Plans for this podcast are unending.  We hope to raise enough money to pay the cast and crew throughout the year.  We hope to travel and promote the show at various comic cons across America (and more) and even have a yearly celebration that includes a live performance on stage at one of the many amazing venues in Louisville, KY.    So many plans, so many great comics to enjoy.  

But for all of these things to happen, we need everyone's loves and support.  

We hope you all enjoy listening to out podcast as much as we've enjoyed creating it!   The first and second episodes have been recorded and our pilot is already complete!  It's release is scheduled for July 8th, 2017, the very next day after this crowdfunding campaign ends.

More information and clips will be available on:




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