Mickey Monster 6
Mickey Monster 6" Vinyl Toy

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About this project

Hi, My name is Vincent Scala. I have been a professional illustrator for the past 14 years. If you’re not familiar with my work I’m sure you have seen some of the work I have created for clients. I have worked for Nickelodeon, Disney, Atlantic Records and Fisher Price. I have also animated music videos, which have had over 2 million viewers as well as shown in galleries throughout the NYC area. That’s actually where this journey began.

A few years ago I had created a few silkscreen projects for a gallery show in Brooklyn. The final result was two images that have sort of become my trademark. The idea behind them was to combine two things that are sort of dorky that I loved. Well my two were Disney and horror films. The final result was the Mickey Monster and Vampire Snow White. They both received a lot of attention and I kept getting contacted by other galleries and stores to have prints made for them, especially of the Mickey. The PIQ store in Grand Central Station used the image as the poster for their own Mickey Show.

Recently I have been thinking about taking this piece a step further. Something that’s not just on your wall, but a physical Mickey Monster. I want to have this created into an actual toy. A vinyl figure with moveable head and arms. I love collectible toys, and I love the idea of sharing my love of toys as well as for the Mickey Monster image with everyone is what brings me here today. Knowing that people like this image and character so much that they would want to have it on their shelf or desk is exactly why I love being an artist.

Please check the tiers below and I promise you will not be disappointed, I want to make this worth everyone’s wild and I am going to throw as much as I can into each category so that you get some really cool stuff at really low support prices. Thank you so much for listening and I hope that you click the green button and help make this Mickey Monster come to life.

$1 - Thank You For Your Support
$5 Sticker Pack - Snow White, Mickey Head, Mikey Character
$15 Mickey Monster Pin
$20 Mickey Monster 6" Vinyl
$30 Vinyl + Pin
$50 Vinyl + Pin + Stickers + Drawing
$100 Blackout Special Edition Vinyl + Classic Vinyl + Pin + Stickers + Drawing

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