Metalfest is a band building card drafting game meant for 2-4 players which puts you in the role of a band manager putting together your own metal band. With this band you are trying to attract customer from the crowd to your merch table to buy your goods and score them into your fan base.  You will try appeal to the different  tastes of each faction within the crowd by changing up your  line up and shamelessly promote your band. All to reach your goal of making the most money and gaining the biggest following.



Metalfest is played over 3 shows. Each show is made up of smaller rounds called sets. At the beginning of each set players will be dealt a hand of cards. Players will then pick a single card from that hand that they wish to keep and then pass the rest of their starting hand to the next player in turn order. Players repeat this action until they have a new hand of cards in front of them. This makes up the draft. 

Once players finish drafting play moves to the action phase. Starting with the first player everyone will take actions in turn order until everyone chooses to pass. Actions include hiring new band members and gimmicks to your band, upgrading existing members, hyping elements of your band, and selling merch to fans standing in your line. 

When all the players have passed play moves to the show phase. This is where the crowd members move towards the line of the band they most like. The crowd is split into 5 factions, Nerds, goths, metal heads, hipsters, and bros. Each faction has a element of music that they like and they will mostly go towards the line of the band that is the most talented in that element. However, some crowd members are just too cool to go to the band in first place's line. They will instead go to the band in second's or the band in last in that element. Some crowd members also belong to one faction but like a different element of music. But watch out because in the crowd are also skin heads looking to ruin everyones good time. When flipped skin heads will show a faction that they hate and they will go after the line with the most of that faction in it. They will beat someone up and then get kicked out of the show. 

Once all the crowd members have been asigned to lines players may sell them merch from their hand. If a crowd member spends all the money they have they are added to that players fan base and are set aside to be scored at the end of the game. 

At the end of each show players are paid for each member of their band including gimmicks. At the end of the 3rd show players split up their score piles and figure out who has the most of each faction scored. The leader in each faction gets $200, second gets $100, and 3rd gets $50. 

Players then add up their money and the richest player is the winner of the Metalfest!

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