Meraki Murals- Eco-Friendly Paint your Own Peel & Stick Kits
Meraki Murals- Eco-Friendly Paint your Own Peel & Stick Kits

This project has already launched.

A need for Meraki Murals-

Most expecting parents dream of their child's nursery. I know my husband and I did. Thoughts of jungle animals, barn animals, sea creatures, puppies or kittens... Will it have a sports theme or a maybe a ballerina? Perhaps a princess and her castle with lots and lots of flowers? And don't forget all the wonderful nursery rhymes! Endless themes!

That's when parents contact me. I'm a professional artist and I've been painting murals for almost 30 years...

Getting to know my clients-

Mom wants it to be hand painted, a real piece of art, but Dad wants to DIH (Do It Himself). Once they realize the expense of hiring a professional artist, like myself, their dream bubble of a grand room has bursted.

So they settle. They paint the walls a pretty color. Then they resort to attaching cheap vinyl decals to their child's wall. It's not quite what they wanted, but it gives their child's room a theme and Dad got his wish for DIH.

However, some Moms and Dads don't want to settle for vinyl stickers... Mom still wants it hand painted, a real piece of art, and Dad still wants to DIH. So they ask me to design their child's room and create stencils so that they can paint it themselves. So I've labored at creating and hand cutting each design element just to save parents a dime and allow them the bragging rights of "doing it themselves"...

Solution for some, but not all. Some Mom and Dads rent...

My hand cut stencils ready to be shipped to a client
My hand cut stencils ready to be shipped to a client
They still want a grand room! A room that can inspire their child's imagination. So they don't paint the walls a pretty color, but they still resort to randomly attaching cheap vinyl decals to their child's wall. After all, they have to be able to remove it. Bubble bursted... again! (Dad may be ok, though. He still got his DIH)

Until Meraki Murals came along!

Meraki [may-rah-kee] is "doing something with total love and pure soul. It is leaving a little piece of yourself in your creative work." This is a fitting name because when you purchase a Meraki Mural, you are part of the collective, creative team. It's a collaboration of your heart and soul with mine to give your child that room that you envisioned!

Here's how it works-

* Browse through a variety of mural themes and choose your suggested layout. Each layout will include individual cutout elements from which to pick and choose. Choose from a variety of backgrounds or paint your own. You can choose the complete package or just a few cutouts. You can also vary the sizes according to your space.

* Each cutout element is then printed and shipped directly to you on a new, state-of-the-art peel and stick surface. This is not thin vinyl. It is a commercial grade, paintable surface. It's removable and reposition-able up to 200 times without leaving a residue. It adheres to almost any solid surface. It doesn't tear and it's Eco Friendly!

* After it arrives, grab your choice of paints! Each cutout is printed with the framework for you to hand paint, just like a coloring book page! It's very therapeutic! You could even invite others to help you. What a great gift idea... a baby shower and a paint party in one! Allow for drying time and then remove the peel and stick paper and apply the design to your wall following my suggested design or create your own. No mistakes here! Don't forget to save the backing for when you want to remove it and reuse it!

* And, if you decide to create an outdoor space, just choose an outdoor paint because it's that durable. Think of all the creative possibilities! You could even apply it to tabletops, headboards, floors, bathrooms, etc... Can't find the theme you're looking for? Custom designs are also available upon request.

* Maybe you're not a parent of a young child... Are you a teacher? Do you work with children? This makes a great classroom or school project too. Imagine creating an annual event where the students get to paint their own Meraki school mural... It could even be a great fundraiser!

Why I need help?

I have researched and there is no one else with a product like this. It is a completely original idea in answer to a need that I've encountered in all my years designing and painting murals. I need help with trademarking, patents and marketing. I've contacted the manufacturer of the peel and stick material. It has never been used for my concept, but they have assured me that it will work. Most commercial murals and cutouts are produced on this material, but they are printed in full color. The surface is paintable. It is eco-friendly. I have found a company that is willing to partner with me and print my designs in aqueous inks which are also eco-friendly. I am a right-brained creative person. I need help with the legal and business aspects of it all.


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