Men's height Increasing Light Weight Casual Sport Shoes 3.14''
Men's height Increasing Light Weight Casual Sport Shoes 3.14''

This project has already launched.

Note:Manual measurement,there will be a little error.Please understand.Thanks 

Height Increasing: 8cm/3.14 inches

High-Quality Product: leather/Lycra upper, mesh Lining, PU insole,Polyurethane outsole.

Product Feature:height increased, 100% genuine leather,.Comfortable ,breathable,Wearable ,slip on leather shoes, height increasing shoes

We ship the shoes via DHL express delivery from China, and the Price included the shipping cost.


1. Make you taller instantly by 5-14 cm.The increaser is hidden in the rear of the shoe.
2. Comfortable and safe: Curved increaser is designed to fit perfectly with the human foot mechanism.
3. Good quality leather uppers provides extreme comfort. Pig leather linings promote a healthy foot environment by drawing moisture away
4. Prime urethane shock absorption soft pads. Flexible Rubber outsole with tread detailing for sure footing with each step
5. Hidden Increaser: The hidden increaser makes sure the shoes look exactly the same as normal ones
6. Improve posture: Our shoes make crookbacked people walk straight, encourage them to stand or walk with their shoulders square and up. They give support to the arch and spring in the step and turn on your good temperament, manner and charm.
7. Classical products: Stylish, selected materials, fine workmanship, high quality. Comfort guaranteed.
8. Top-quality material and fresh design: It is produced from original calf leather and the the appearance updates the fashion trend.

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