Memory Pen
Memory Pen

This project has already launched.

We have been developing products for customers for over 6 years, some we have put on Kickstarter and others go direct to market. We are confident that we can bring the Memory pen to market with your support! We love our supporters and value your feedback. You will be helping us to define the end product appearances and its features.  

Running out of Memory, don't you hate that? You have an event to go to and want to shoot some memorable images and your device is full of images so you no longer have room. Wouldn't you like a low cost secure portable device that fits in a pocket, backpack and purse to download these images and clear space? We did too, so we created the memory pen in 64 and 128Gb versions for IOS and micro USB devices.

Raptor Creative has created the Human Technology Products brand name to bring you cool CE products. We value Kickstarter and the feedback it supplies us. We will be using the funds to move the Memory Pen into production for Holiday delivery. We know that your support is important to us and we are ready to deliver. 

Simply plug in the Memory Pen and start downloading your images and videos.

Memory Pen was designed to give you the customer the ability to down load your image and video files securely and quickly. This results in freed up space on your iOS or Micro USB device.  Our application software is still undergoing some final tweaks so that your files will be secure on the Memory Pen. the Memory pen is a 3 in one device so you don't need to carry too many things. First you have 64 to 128Gb of space to fill, then there is the stylus for using your tablets and touch screen devices and if you ever need to use a ball pen for writing down messages, you have that too!

Memory Pen with Micro USB for Android Devices.

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