MemoKids-Smart Monitor for Fever and Sleep Comfort Level
MemoKids-Smart Monitor for Fever and Sleep Comfort Level

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— Introducing MemoKids —

MemoKids is a next-generation thermal management based smart wearable monitor, which gives parents peace of mind when taking care of their kids.

MemoKids patch 
MemoKids patch

A smart wearable patch  

Just stick MemoKids on the back of your kid using our disposable adhesive that is specifically designed for children. Continuous body temperature management are fed to a smart device. 

MemoKids app user interfaces 
MemoKids app user interfaces

MemoKids App (iPhone and Android)  

Kid’s body temperature measurements are analyzed instantly. Results are displayed in an easy manner. You can keep track of your kid remotely with up-to-date information and alerts. 

A smarter helper in parenting 
A smarter helper in parenting

MemoKids can help parents to understand their kids better, whether they are feeling comfortable, especially during their sleep. It also alerts you when your kid has woken up, so you can check on them right away. It's designed to bring you peace of mind.

— The Backstory —

“It all started when my niece came to this world. In between all the joy that she brought to my family, I also notice that my sister is always on her edge. Being a first time mom, she is always worried about her baby. Whether she is hungry... If she is being dressed warm enough… or if she practiced some Kung Fu in her dream and kicked the blanky off her bed again. 

Then I started to think how I can help my sister, and millions of parents out there in some small ways. My team and I realized that most of their worries are related to kid's body temperature, which is a very basic vital indicator. Therefore, we developed this safe and easy-to-use MemoKids patch. “ --- Dr. Bob Chen, Founder & CEO


— How to Use —

MemoKids is a super easy to use wearable device that only requires 4 steps:

  • Step 1 – Remove it from the charging dock
  • Step 2 – Peel off the child-special adhesive
  • Step 3 – Stick MemoKids on your kid
  • Step 4 – Connect with smart device and done! 

— The Device —

MemoKids, small and soft 
MemoKids, small and soft
  • Safety

MemoKids' design follows the high level of ISO, ASTM and FCC standards, etc. to make sure it is harmless to kids. 

  • Accuracy 

Reliable, high-sensitivity body temperature sensor and unique thermal management algorithm can effectively provide accurate kid’s body temperature readings. The accuracy is up to ±0.05°C typical from 20-42°C. 

  • Truly Comfortable 

Unlike other rigid kids wearable devices, MemoKids is a real soft electronics that provide the most comfortable wearable experience for kids. 

  • Appearance 

MemoKids is small, thin, light and attractive. You can put it in a wallet or a makeup bag.  Perfect for on-the-go!

  • Wireless and Continuous Monitoring 

MemoKids records kid’s body temperature every few seconds. Measurements are wirelessly transmitted to a smart device. 

  • Efficient Energy Use 

More than 24-hours battery life on a single charge. 

— The App —

MemoKids app user interfaces 
MemoKids app user interfaces
  • Temperature Tracking 

Continuously monitor your kid’s body temperature and show it in a graph format. Temperature display can be in Fahrenheit or Celsius.

  • Intelligent Temperature Prediction 

Built-in analyzing algorithm can intelligently predict your kid’s condition for the next few hours.

  • Symptoms Record

You can also record any fever symptoms, temperature trends and add notes in the app. It's convenient to trace back when you visit a doctor. 

  • Sleeping Status Prediction

MemoKids app can estimate the sleep quality of your baby base on advanced algorithm. You will be notified when your baby is awake, deep sleep or patch fall off.

  • Family Share

All this information can be shared with family members and doctors. 


— What’s in the MemoKids Box? —



MemoKids charging dock 
MemoKids charging dock


Size comparison to a credit card 
Size comparison to a credit card



Simply place MemoKids on the charging dock for wireless charging, each charge allows up to 24 hours of operation.  

All materials that are used to make MemoKids are safe. The package is made with food-grade silicone while the adhesive layer is specially designed for children and has passed dermatology test.

— Expert-Endorsed —


— User Reviews —


— From Concept to Reality —

In the beginning, our very first prototype was just a piece of printed circuit board with temperature sensor. After several rounds of edition, it went from rigid to flexible wearable device.

Hardware evolution 
Hardware evolution


PCB layout 
PCB layout

After optimizing the algorithm of sensor and program, design and packaging were our next tasks. We tried different materials, like textile and leather. Silicone was our last and the most suitable choice for our product. It's soft, flexible and safe.

CAD drawing 
CAD drawing


Soft packing evolution 
Soft packing evolution


Sleeping status prediction, symptoms record and family share 
Sleeping status prediction, symptoms record and family share

MemoKids is a masterpiece of technology and healthcare. We believe this is a breakthrough that will make the life of parents easier.

Equipment and design house 
Equipment and design house

— Prototype Functionality Demo —

 project video thumbnail 
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Demonstrating a functional prototype and benchmarking with a thermocouple

 project video thumbnail 
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 Functional MemoKids prototype demonstration

— Timeline —


— What now? —

We’ve been perfecting MemoKids for a year, and tested with different families. From their positive responses, we know how MemoKids can help these families. We believe now it’s the time to bring MemoKids to the world. 


Please support us to bring MemoKids to every baby’s home. Your support is essential to us. 

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— Reward Tiers —

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— Stretch Goal Rewards —

If we reach the following stretch goals, we will unlock the corresponding goal rewards for all MemoKids backers. 


— Keep in Touch —




— The Team —

We are a team of engineers and scientists specialize in medicine, materials and electronics. We understand that taking care of your kids require a lot of attention and we would like to make this job a little easier. We have experience in product development and manufacturing process, and we are confident to deliver high quality products for all parents and their children. 


— Disclaimers —

International backers: We will ship MemoKids worldwide, with the exception of Cuba, Iran, Iraq, Lebanon, Libya, Myanmar/Burma, North Korea, Somalia, Sudan, Syria, Ukraine, and Yemen. Please note that you will be responsible for duties, fees and taxes applicable to your region. 

Disclaimers notifications: MemoKids is intended as a monitoring tool. It is not and cannot replace any medical devices. You should not rely on MemoKids for any medical purposes. MemoKids must be connected to a smart device via Bluetooth in order to receive notifications and perform other functions. The app does provide alerts in case of disconnection between MemoKids and smart device. 

The final products and app may be slightly different from the pictures shown here. All pictures are for references only. 

All actors and actresses in MemoKids video are not our product endorsers. 

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