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Memistore - keep your memories close

Memistore is a storage compartment for SD cards housed on your camera or tripod.

It's our simple idea that is not currently available on the market (patent pending). 


Memistore is suitable for

✓ Mirrorless Cameras (All brands) 
✓ DSLR Cameras (All brands) 
✓ Any device with a hotshoe




✓ Stores 2x SD Memory Cards
✓ Easy to remove SD Memory Cards  
✓ 1/4 Inch mount for attaching onto a standard tripod screw
✓ 1/4 inch screw for attaching directly onto the camera
✓ Hotshoe mountable with included adapter accessory
✓ Splashproof to protect your data
✓ Single handily remove cover (like a pen lid) and gain access to cards


✓ Less chance of losing or misplacing your SD cards. 
✓ Gives your cards a home.
✓ Doesn't get in the way and works with your gear. 
✓ Less handling of your cards while shooting.
That is, no longer bag to pocket to camera, only memistore to camera. 





















Photographer goes on a trip and doesn't want to put a wallet full of memory cards in their pockets or potentially lose them in their camera bag or worse - forget them after leaving them somewhere.

Wouldn't it be nice to just pick up your camera and be on your way knowing all of your memory cards were with it?  Memistore. Problem solved. 






You can mount Memistore on the top or bottom of your camera.

Memistore has the ability to be mounted in between your camera and your tripod. The internal Viton o-ring allows you to turn Memistore smoothly and independently from your tripod or camera. You can access your cards once it's mounted underneath your camera on top of your tripod, so there will be no fiddling about trying to get to your cards.

If tripod mounting isn't your thing then you're in luck; there's the hot shoe adapter! The hot shoe mount will allow Memistore to sit perfectly on top of your camera - without getting in the way!




The hot shoe adapter is essentially a small threaded mount that screws into the tripod thread on Memistore. The bottom of the hot shoe adapter allows you to slide Memistore right onto the top of the camera's hot shoe.


The reason: to see this project come to fruition and to raise further funds for the final development of the hot shoe adapter accessory. 

To be completely transparent, the hot shoe adapter hasn't been made yet as we haven't had the R&D funds to finalise the design.

We have a vision that we hope you love and we are asking you to back this project with us so together we can get Memistore manufactured. 

If you like the idea, get one Memistore for yourself, or get a second one for a friend while you're at it! 

When you back this project, for every Memistore you purchase, a hot shoe adapter will be included in the price.  We will keep you updated every step of the way to ensure you know what's happening and ultimately get Memistore into your hands as soon as possible.







✓ 301 Spring Alloy Stainless Steel 
- Known for its high strength and excellent corrosion resistance
✓ Black Acrylonitrile butadiene styrene (ABS)
- ABS is characterized by resistance to chemicals, heat and impact.
✓ Brass
- A metal alloy made of copper and zinc
✓ Viton
- Viton is a brand of synthetic rubber and fluoropolymer elastomer commonly used in O-rings






✓ Kickstarter Campaign Launch - 13th December 2017
✓ Kickstarter Campaign Ends - 11th February 2018
✓ Memistore Hot Shoe Adapter Design Finalised - 30th March 2018
✓ Memistore Prototype Testing - 15th April 2018
✓ Memistore Packaging Ordered - 16th April 2018
✓ Memistore Sample Production Run - 25th April 2018
✓ Memistore Quality Control - 30th April 2018
✓ Memistore First Production Run - 1st May 2018
✓ Memistore Shipping to Early Backers - 22nd May 2018
✓ Memistore Second Production Run - 03 June 2018
✓ Memistore Shipping of Remaining Products to Backers - 24th June 2018









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