Meet Unearth: A Travel Magazine For Women, By Women
Meet Unearth: A Travel Magazine For Women, By Women

This project has already launched.

Did you know that 70 percent of travel consumers are women? Yet, there is a clear lack of female-led print and digital travel publications in the space. Enter Unearth Magazine, a new digital and print publication written for women, by women.

Whether it's the motorcycle-riding ladies of India challenging gender norms or the collective of female artisans in Nicaragua fighting against the patriarchy, Unearth will celebrate the work of female writers and photographers in both print and digital form. Unearth magazine will unearth female-led stories from around the world.

Women around the world, across industries, are making their voices heard. Yet, in the travel space, the industry is still male-dominated. From the male-centric hosts on television to the oft-male dominated travel publications, many talented female journalists and photographers fight for a byline. At the same time, many female-led stories are eclipsed within the travel space at a time when ladies are pushing back on the patriarchy. 

The inspiration for Unearth Magazine is to create a female-driven print magazine that not only champions female writers but shares the stories of women. 


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