mbora! Find Your Foodie
mbora! Find Your Foodie

This project has already launched.

Dear Backers,

I would like to start by thanking you all for taking the time to look at our Kickstarter page for 'mbora!'. Not only do Julia & I feel like this mobile app will bring a lot of joy to future users, we believe that users will experience something unique. Whether they're looking for love or just for someone to hang out & dine with. The 'mbora!' idea was born out of our own personal experience that included 2 key ingredients: Good Food & Love.

On the night of my birthday, my soon to be girlfriend Julia surprised me and served me with the best tacos I've ever tasted. Yes, the margaritas were great too, but what ultimately sealed the deal for me, were those tacos. That same night, not only did I develop an undying love for what is arguably the best seller of all Mexican cuisine, but I realized I was head over heels for the person responsible for it. Our mutual love for tacos and all things delicious made us realize our shared passion for food, so we made a pact to embark on various  food tasting adventures around LA. This brings us here. We later realized that we wanted other people to meet through these 2 key ingredients: Good Food & Love. We want others to share in New Food Discoveries, Good Food & Drinks, Good Company filled with conversation and laughter, but most importantly potential for a Connection. Love is beautiful thing - so are good tacos. Our ultimate goal is not for future users to just find Love, but also Find their Foodie, for Life. :)


Dalio Francisco 

Food connects families and bridges cultures. It brings us together and comforts us in good times and bad. It is an integral part of our lives, whether we eat to live or live to eat. Why not let food help you make a connection that could lead to something greater?

mbora! is a dating app that matches people based on food. Looking for someone who shares your passion for AYCE KBBQ? We've got that! Looking for a partner in Paleo? We've got that, too! 

Let mbora! help you find users in your area that share your food preferences, and schedule a time to meet over a meal. Whether you're looking for something casual or the love of your life, grabbing a bite to eat is a great way to get to know one another. 

mbora! is easy to use and takes a lot of the 'guess' work out of planning the first date:

1. Create your profile, including your age, location, and food preferences.

2. Swipe right (like) or left (pass) through users in your area with similar preferences. 

3. Once matched with another user, use the mbora! scheduler to find a date, time, and restaurant to meet up.

4. mbora! will send you a reminder when your date is coming up.

5. Meet your match and share a delicious meal!

6. Review your match and your restaurant.

It's that simple!

mbora! Find your Foodie.

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