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Some facts:

-          More and more people are traveling abroad

-          Traveling has become more affordable

-          Language barrier always exists

-          General public do not know how to manage emergency call

-          Emergency systems around the globe are not standardized.

-          Huge amount of money is spent by all countries to create an efficient emergency system

If you are traveling abroad, most of the time you have no plan for emergency situations. This is nature of human kind. We do not anticipate bad things until they happen. Statistically majority of people who are entering foreign country do not know basic number how to call a police or an ambulance and even more they don’t know how to report an accident correctly. Under the stressful situation people tend to even forget what they already know. This leads to highly prolonged times for ambulance or firefighters arrivals, more injuries and even death rates.

Our app will provide a standardized and simple solution for people in emergency situations.  It will provide not only correct emergency message structure but also contact, language and even more professionally conducted support (tips for how to act during car accident or building fire). It will also allow people to help each other in various situations by providing help by local users of app. So it covers two most important aspects: social and help. 


For user in troubles

Imagine you witness or have an accident in a foreign country. You simply grab your phone; press an emergency widget button, in 3 clicks select type of accident, injuries and additional info (this represents our know-how about structures of messages for national emergency systems).


When all info (including automatic location by GPS) is selected this info will be automatically transferred to an app ambassador (person/user who is willingly acting as a social helper in our app).

Think of it as of My Taxi App. You as a person in emergency situation is the same as a person calling a taxi, and ambassador is the same as a driver receiving your info and performing an action. So while your info is being sent to all ambassadors in the region/country they can accept the calling for help and by doing that they will receive all needed info to perform an emergency call and to make sure that you will get your help.

In meanwhile you will be trying to talk to an emergency service by your own.

So in the end emergency officials will get two calls for the same emergency situation, and therefore you as a person in trouble will know 100% that help is on it’s way even if you will be unable to communicate with local officials in their language etc. And even more – after realization of emergency call app will provide an important information for you how to act until professional help will arrive. Ideas described above represent key functionality but there is more.


Mainly we are thinking about two other functions – education in field of emergency support- meaning how to act in concrete situations (fire, car accident, gas leak etc) as the first one. Second one is focused on security information about selected countries. This means for instance tips how to avoid potential danger in country where user is going for a vacation (where it is dangerous to go and why, what might be subject of cultural collision.

For an ambassador

This is the most important person in whole ecosystem. It is a proud volunteer who is willing provide help to people in troubles around him. To become an ambassador you will have to go through detailed registration and re-check of identity in order to ensure 100% willingness to help and serious approach to such kind of commitment. After that you as an ambassador will be able to provide help to other people. App will allow this user/role to set his “working” hours (when he is achievable).

App’s main functionality

-          Help user to describe faster and better an emergency situation in order to obtain help as fast as possible

-          Help to identify and call a correct emergency line by knowing and selecting proper line in specific country (will be done by app automatically if country is supported)

-          Help user while talking to emergency line by displaying what to say on the screen of mobile

-          Help a user to perform correct actions after call (helping survive) is completed by showing clear steps info graphics on the phone screen

-          Social interaction - send an information about emergency situation to app ambassadors who is willing to help others real time.

-          Provide security information about selected countries

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