Max Payne Retribution - Short Fan Film
Max Payne Retribution - Short Fan Film

* Max Payne Retribution Short Fan Film- INDIEGOGO launching on 17th October 2016*

As huge fans of the MAX PAYNE game we are looking to re-create the magic that first ignited our passion in 2001. Now many years on, we felt it was time for the fans to get a true max payne fan film they deserve. We want to make 'YOU' the ultimate MAX PAYNE fan film, one that even Sam Lake himself could be proud of.  To do this we need to raise £8000 to bring our vision to life and to give the fan's a film they will love.

We are looking to make a dark action/thriller that's a cross between John Wick and SAW but still keeping the original MAX PAYNE elements. For us to be able to do this we will need to hire various intriguing locations such as factories, New York style bars and of course stunning apartments and houses so that we can create an immersive world that tells the characters stories.

As huge Fan's of Max Payne, WE WANT TO HEAR FROM YOU. Please let us know what it is about the Max Payne story that you like. Tell us the sort of thing you want to see us do with our fan film.

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Send us any of your questions you might have about our fan film and we look forward to speaking with you all soon.


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