Maven Sleep Mask.  The Designer Sleep Mask w/ Removable Audio
Maven Sleep Mask. The Designer Sleep Mask w/ Removable Audio

\ˈmā-vən\   1. an expert or connoisseur


The Maven is the first sleep mask with removable speakers.  Equipped with a standard 3.5mm audio jack ready for iPods, smartphones, etc.  Some people like a little help counting sheep.  Listen to ocean waves as you fall asleep- even if your roommate doesn't want to and especially if your roommate doesn't want to.  Millions and millions of people snore.  If your spouse snores, choose classical music instead.  Listen to an audio book on a plane without distraction.  With many uses, the Maven is a perfect blend of functionality, design, and comfort:






Fine Merino Wool interior against the face.  Why Merino Wool?  It is naturally anti-microbial, moisture-wicking, and temperature-regulating.  It's also soft like Cashmere.  Easy to wash too.


Velcro in the back enables the Maven to fit every single person.  Removable Micro Speaker Inserts for both Left and Right ears.  Ear pockets connected via inner shaft.  Velcro strip to attach Micro Speakers for a personalized fit exactly over your ears.  Cloth auxiliary cord for comfort.  Volume Control on cord.  The standard length of cords for headphones like Beats is 4 feet.  The Maven's will be even longer at 5 feet.  


Choose from four designer fabrics on the outside.  Scout's honor they will be stylish.



We hope you support our project and help this come to life!  


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