Maupston Design Studio Handspun Yarn and Fiber Art
Maupston Design Studio Handspun Yarn and Fiber Art




After years of selling handspun yarn and fiber art at pop up markets and craft shows all over the New York City area, MAUPSTON DESIGN STUDIO ( is setting up a permanent location within beautiful

Etui Fiber Arts at 2106 Boston Post Road in Larchmont, NY.

HANDSPINNING is not old fashioned! It is a fantastic technique for creating and designing  yarn with the finest, most unusual fibers available.  It creates completely unique artwork, and enhances the value of any project for the knitter, crocheter and weaver.

Handspinning is an untapped design tool,

but it's really hard to learn in New York.

It is hard to find to find good handspinning supplies in New York City; its even harder to find good instruction.  It's nearly impossible to shop and compare wheels and tools.

A permanent Maupston location in Larchmont means yarn lovers and artists can easily find a relaxed and creative space that offers:

  • Handspinning supplies such as spinning wheels from Kromski and Schacht, drop spindles, wools and exotic fibers to spin. 
  • Spinning wheel hourly rental, so customers can come in and relax with a bit a spinning, or try the wheel before they buy it!
  • Classes, both group and private, and at all levels, on drop spindle spinning, wheel work, color design and temari.  
  • An enormous selection of limited edition Handspun Yarns created by trained artists in a rainbow of colors, textures and luxurious fibers.  These are yarns not found anywhere else, and they make a fantastic gift for knitters of all levels.
  • A warm and friendly community that knows textile art is fine art, and textile art begins with yarn.



Owner Anna Upston has put everything she can into the business, it's growing and she wants to make it last! Supporting the Maupston Design Studio Store creates

  •      A greater variety of wheels and fiber. Maupston carries the work of 2 major spinning wheel makers, it would be better to carry 4-6.
  •      More Fiber Prep tools, and greater variety of drop spindles.
  •      More classes, more levels, more guests, more workshops.
  •      Longer business hours, from 20 hours/week now, up to 40 Hours/week
  •      More staff, so we are more efficient and we can make 
  •      More Yarn.
  •     Overall longevity, so the business has enough time to establish itself as a destination resource for fiber artists and enthusiasts from all around the greater NYC area.


SUPPORTERS at $25 are thanked with

Free 3 month "Wool Club Membership". That's free shipping and a monthly coupon good for 15% off fiber, handspun yarn and wheel rentals.

SUPPORTERS at $50 are thanked with

Free 3 month "Wool Club Membership" AND

Free streaming (SKYPE or FACETIME") 1/2 hour lesson in handspinning or temari. So you can begin to make your own. A great gift for a knitter!

SUPPORTERS at $75 are thanked with

Free year long "Wool Club Memberhsip" AND

Free streaming (SKYPE or FACETIME") 1/2 hour lesson in handspinning or temari. So you can begin to make your own.

First 10 SUPPORTERS at $100 are thanked with

  • A 2 oz skein of cashmere/silk yarn spun exclusively for kickstarter supporters. This yarn will not be for sale online or in person. Delivered January 2016 to keep you warm this winter. Something that looks similar to to this

First SUPPORTER at $500 receives

  •  the unique"Rose Kiku" Temari created by Anna Upston in 2015


HANDSPINNING  is not a historical curiosity, it is an art.

New York City is a center of art and design, so let's bring great yarn design to the city.

Anna Upston 



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