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MatchLab is the next efficient and convenient app that everyone needs. With the many different functions this app can perform, everyone can get a use out of it. 

We all get dressed in the morning, and it goes a little something like this-

You wake up, crawl out of bed, and stumble to the closet. You look, hanger by hanger, for some top that you want to wear. The likely outcome is frustration and cycling through all your tops at least twice before stumbling to the dresser. After looking through your clothes, you find a pair of shorts and think "Oh I really want to wear my favorite blue shirt with these!" So, a little more awake and a lot more excited, you go back to the closet and look everywhere for your favorite blue shirt. The problem is, you forgot you wore it last weekend at the family BBQ and a little bit of Uncle Ronny's Secret Sauce dripped off the Chicken Wing you were trying to eat and left a stain right in the middle of your shirt, which is now in the laundry. Disappointed, you go back to bed and just decide to stay in your PJ's all day.


Lets see how having MatchLab could have helped "you":

Right off the bat, you don't even need to get out of bed (How Awesome!). Simply by grabbing your phone, you can look through your entire closet without even being at the closet (Even More Awesome!).


Look through your shirts, shorts, pants, jackets, skirts, tank tops, etc. through the app. Instead of going hanger by hanger, just simply swipe left and right.


 Select the shirt, pants, shorts, etc. (you get the drill) you want to wear. In this example, its a shirt as shown above. Under your choice, you will see the rest of your clothes that match the particular article of clothing you chose!


Let's focus on this part real fast. On the right you will see a calendar, where you find your wear history and laundry. Instead of the disappointment about the crime that happened to your favorite blue shirt, you could have known by simply looking at the laundry list and wear history. Never be heartbroken again!

The camera in the middle is how to enter clothes into your MatchLab closet. 


(2 examples)


Take the picture, choose your category, dull out the background, double check the colors, identify its pattern. It truly is that simple.


Join us to get this app built so everyone can enjoy an incredibly helpful app!


A couple of quick notes!

1            It will only be available on iPhone (sorry everyone else!)

2            Free to download

3            Every account comes with 60 free closet spaces, you can purchase more spaces if you need.

The current state of the app:

 Completely designed. The fundraising is for the programmer (Actioneers Mobile) to program the app.

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