Marlowe: Clever Luggage at an Honest Price
Marlowe: Clever Luggage at an Honest Price

First class luggage at an economy price.

As frequent travelers ourselves we expect a lot from our carry-ons. Unfortunately, high quality bags often cost more than a night at the Ritz. We think that is absurd. 

Luggage companies are padding their products with markups and gimmicks that leave customers with a sad choice: pay up, or settle for less. We're taking another route: design our own. 

How do you make an exceptional carry-on and make it cheaper? We have a simple recipe:

  1. Strip out the useless gimmicks. 
  2. Source the highest quality materials available, and focus on improving the core functions of a suitcase that travelers actually care about. 
  3. Get rid of the outrageous markups that the rest of the industry charges and instead sell the product at an honest price.

To make sure we got it right we asked thousands of travelers what matters most in a suitcase. And we found that people generally agreed:

  1. Needs to be lightweight & durable
  2. Stylish exterior, functional interior
  3. High quality components (wheels, handle)
  4. It should actually fit as a carry-on (not all bags do on all airlines)

With these as our guiding principles we set out to create the Marlowe carry-on: an extroardinary suitcase, at a fraction of the price.

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