Mark's Rooms
Mark's Rooms

About the game

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Mark found himself in a familiar yet strange room, he knew he lived here once in his life, but his memory of the room was lost.

You will discover both the key to escape the room and the key to the hidden truth.Help Mark escape the rooms and uncover his lost memories.This is a very challenging escape game, and a thriller with a surprising ending.

  • 8 – 10 rooms with highly challenging puzzles.
  • Various interactions with room objects (Adjusting a vintage TV, playing retro arcade, etc.) to solve puzzles.
  • Deep and thrilling background story which players need to reveal by themselves by collecting collectibles, revealing the full story is an even more difficult quest than escaping the rooms.
  • Retro and vintage style rooms and objects.
  • Platform: PC, Mac, Android, iOS
  • Release dateļ¼šIf we have enough funding, the game will be released around Feb. 2016 

Why the campaign

Right now our small team has two members, an experienced programmer and an even experienced artist(we are the maker of Doodle Gomoku). We are highly motivated and effective, the core part of the game is under rapidly developing. However to fully achieve our goal: to make Mark's Game not only a challenging room escape game, but also a dramatic experience, we have to really polish several things: the cut scenes, the environmental music and the sound effects.

If we reach our entire funding goal we'll have enough budget to hire professionals to make high quality sounds and cut scenes, which will greatly improve the overall class of the game. If not then we'll use whatever we have to improve our game in the order of sound effect, music and finally cut scene.

The future of this game

THE GAME WILL BE FINISHED. If we don't have enough funding we'll have to rely other projects to support the developing of this game, which will slow down the progress, but we are really determined on this project and will not abandon it in any circumstances. 


                                                         We'll never just leave you like this! 


Thank you so much for taking time to read all this, if you are reading this then probably you are a fan of puzzle and room escape games, please share our game with your friends who have the same hobby!


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