Market Place For Ideas & Prototypes - PROTOPIDEA
Market Place For Ideas & Prototypes - PROTOPIDEA

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Our Story

Have you ever had a good idea but didn't know what to do or go next? OR You already have a Prototype and trying to market and sell your concepts by yourself is a mountain to climb.

You want to collaborate with others but don’t know how to trust others with your work?

Are you a company wanting to grow your community of followers and potential customers? OR Seeking to collaborate in a more effective and efficient manner with your partners and suppliers?

At Protopidea we believe that through recent technological developments over mobile and current user usage trends interactions over mobile that these past challenges today can be resolved. Our diverse team is based in Lausanne, Switzerland and we are building an extraordinary application with stable and secure mobile performance technologies. We are also building on a new algorithm that will connect your ideas and projects to specific skills and individuals.

Protopidea is also partnering with companies interested in growing and connecting to the communities they serve. Here we are developing better ways to bring a more seamless interaction between users, ideators, developers and basically anyone with a need to connect with these companies.

Our partner companies will soon be able to connect and grow their communities of users, ideators, developers and collaborators in a mobile public square and marketplace environment. OR keep these interactions for internal use only with the availability to connect to their direct partners and suppliers.

As a general user of Protopidea, the APP is free to promote and market your ideas and prototypes in an environment that is as secure or open depending on your preferences.

I am Benjamin Beh, founder of Protopidea. Me and my team of dedicated talent started this project not only to build a platform enabling new innovations from anyone to be introduced faster and quicker into the marketplace but also a bridge between customers and collaborators with companies to better and more effectively manage valued interactions between parties.     

We welcome you to our crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo today to accelerate the development of this new revolutionary mobile platform today.


But what about app?

Meet The Team


Risks & Challenges

1. This is a fairly new market territory and we hope it will be a blue ocean enabler of new innovative products and services in the near future. We have 9 months of research to find an identical company but have only found some similar companies that have a more open innovation and consulting concept rather than what we are doing which is to be a marketplace for ideas and prototypes. Nevertheless, a healthy competition is always a plus.

2. Copycats - Like many platforms it would not be too difficult to copy. Our worry is not so much of the coping but the potential damage to the reputation of this new sector. We are here for communities and businesses to nature an environment that is balance and sustainable for all parties. 

3. Potential lack of funding to complete the APP.


1.    Gaining community trust - Anything new needs time to mature. The speed of such depends on many factors with one being enough funds to continue our project until such trust reaches a maturity.

2.    Market acceptance - Bridging communities with businesses is an ecosystem that does not have many successful and sustainable stories. We hope to change this with the right formula and approach through our partner companies.

Other Ways You Can Help:

If you can’t donate money, donate 2 minutes of your time and share this via email or Facebook with all your friends. I would be tremendously grateful if you could spread the voice with your contacts about our campaign and make some noise about it! 

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