Maritime Secure Analytics Platform
Maritime Secure Analytics Platform

This project has already launched.

Fathom5 is an industrial cybersecurity company focused on the maritime sector. We provide the world's ports, ships and their insurers with secure hardware, analytics, and services that make their deeply interdependent critical systems safer, more efficient, and more profitable.

The Maritime Secure Analytics Platfrom (MSAP) is Fathom5's secure deployment of machine learning algorithms to protect navigation networks and their interconnection to other shpboard systems.

There are over 50,000 merchant ships sailing the world's oceans. With the proliferation of shipboard automation, critical mission and safety systems that were once airgapped are now linked. Furthermore, these systems are often connected in undocumented ways to the Internet. Despite this complexity, shipboard environments do not have basic monitoring appliances to deploy threat detection algorithms and the interdependence of systems means perimeter based approaches will fail.

Due to the rise in automation of port and shipboard environments without an equal measure the electronic attack surface of the maritime industry is exposed in voyage network electronic navigation tools, industrial computers that operate everything from loading cranes to propulsion engines, and traditional IT systems that manage business operations ashore and afloat.

Fathom5 is moving to market with products and services designed specifically to address these unique electronic security needs of the maritime industry.

- We help port operators and shippers understand their risk and apply limited security resources to protect their most critical assets via insights gained from specialized assessments that examine cyber attack surface across voyage, industrial control, and IT networks.

- We are developing MSAP with a subscription-based cyber analytics and threat intelligence package to deliver real-time electronic protection.

- We are partnering with leading IT cybersecurity firms to apply their best-in-class solutions where applicable in IT networks and developing custom Fathom5 software to address areas where they do not apply.

Fathom5 is guided by a team of founders that led research and innovation to address similar concerns for the world's most powerful Navy. Long-term, Fathom5 intends to develop a host of security applications for the global critical infrastructure market in order to help secure and protect the machines that make modern life possible.

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